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Making a 1.12.2 mod compatible with a 1.11.2 client/server


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So I've created a mod for the newest version of Minecraft ( This is the first iteration of the mod) - however I would like for the mod to be additionally compatible with the Minecraft version 1.11.2. To create the mod I used the MCP eclipse workspace setup, is there an easy fix for me to rollback the mod, or do I need to setup a new MCP workspace for that version, then "remake" my mod?

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8 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:
  1. This is pointless.

Feel the same, but in a unique situation where this is required. Out of curiosity, if I'm required to make a new workspace(and a new jar file) for my mod to work on this outdated version, how come forges 1.12.2 version (single jar) runs on both 1.12.2 and 1.11.2?

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The way I recommend for doing multi-version development.


1.) Use git and github to provide revision control for your code. Make sure the build.gradle is under the revision control (this is key to quickly switching between the versions).

2.) Have your master branch with the latest version of the code.

3.) Create a branch for each version of the code.

4.) Whenever you plan to work on a certain version, clone the repository and do the gradlew setupDecompWorkspace and gradlew eclipse.

5.) In Eclipse, import each as a separate project.

6.) Now as you develop you can keep the things that are different separate, but you can also easy merge code across versions where appropriate.


Basically, standard version control. In most programming situations you are developing a couple different versions simultaneously.


I recommend setting up all your modding developments this way from the beginning because you undoubtedly will want to upgrade at some point.

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