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[1.12.2] Setting a delay for onItemRightClicked

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I've added some very simple guns for my mod and want to set a fire rate for them if you're holding down the right mouse button. What would be the best way to do this? I don't want it to happen if you're just clicking once over and over, but only when holding the button down. I tried setting a simple counter but that still happens while single clicking and feels bad to not fire every few clicks.


Relevant method:


	public ActionResult<ItemStack> onItemRightClick(World worldIn, EntityPlayer playerIn, EnumHand handIn) {
		ItemStack itemstack = playerIn.getHeldItem(handIn);
			if (!playerIn.capabilities.isCreativeMode)
				itemstack.damageItem(1, playerIn);
			if (!worldIn.isRemote)
				EntityBullet entityBullet = new EntityBullet(worldIn, playerIn, projectileDamage);
				entityBullet.setHeadingFromThrower(playerIn, playerIn.rotationPitch, playerIn.rotationYaw, 0.0F, speed, 0.1F);

			return new ActionResult<ItemStack>(EnumActionResult.SUCCESS, itemstack);


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Store the fire delay in stack's NBT and decrement its value in "onUpdate()" method. Check whether it is zero in "onItemRightclick()' method; if it is zero, fire the bullet and reset the delay value, otherwise decrement it.

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Better idea, store the world time and compare. Modifying an item's NBT data every frame cause the client to think you have a new item and play the re-equip item animation.

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Minecraft has a built-in cooldown system (CooldownTracker) that it uses for Ender Pearls, Chorus Fruit and Shields (after a player has theirs disabled).

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