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[1.12] Custom AI not working

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I am creating a dinosaur mod where dinosaurs can guard a nest that they have already laid. The AI for laying a nest is working, but the guarding AI I coded doesn't work.

The guarding AI is supposed to accomplish 2 tasks:

a. Make sure the dinosaur can't move out of range from the nest

b. Attack any EntityLiving within the range specified

Currently, none of them are working. Here is my code:

public class EntityAIGuardNest extends EntityAIBase {

        private EntityDinosaurTameable dinosaur;

        World world;

        private double speed;
        private double distance;

        public EntityAIGuardNest(EntityDinosaurTameable dinosaur, double distance ,double speed){
            this.dinosaur = dinosaur;
            this.world = this.dinosaur.world;

            this.speed = speed;
            this.distance = distance;

        public boolean shouldExecute(){
            return this.dinosaur.nest != null && !this.dinosaur.isTamed() && this.dinosaur.nestBlockPos != null;

        public void updateTask(){
            if(MathHelper.sqrt(this.dinosaur.getDistanceSq(this.dinosaur.nestBlockPos)) > this.distance){
                this.dinosaur.getNavigator().tryMoveToXYZ(this.dinosaur.nestBlockPos.getX(), this.dinosaur.nestBlockPos.getY(), this.dinosaur.nestBlockPos.getZ(), this.speed);
            } else {
                List<EntityLiving> list = this.dinosaur.world.<EntityLiving>getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityLiving.class, this.dinosaur.nest.getCollisionBoundingBox(this.dinosaur.nest.getDefaultState(), this.dinosaur.world, nestBlockPos).grow(this.distance));
                for (EntityLiving attacker : list)
                    if (!(attacker instanceof EntityEgg) && attacker.getDistanceSq(this.dinosaur.nestBlockPos) < this.distance)

        public boolean shouldContinueExecuting()
            return this.dinosaur.nest != null;


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Can't say much without seeing the dinosaur entity code as well... But already can tell that dinosaur.setAttackTarget() part should be in the shouldExecute() function, and the for loop must be broken upon finding the target.

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I added a break in the for loop, and I found out the problem. The code I have used to get the block's bounding box is not working, as I changed 

List<EntityLiving> list = this.dinosaur.world.<EntityLiving>getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityLiving.class, this.dinosaur.nest.getCollisionBoundingBox(this.dinosaur.nest.getDefaultState(), this.dinosaur.world, nestBlockPos).grow(this.distance));


                List<EntityLiving> list = this.dinosaur.world.<EntityLiving>getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityLiving.class, this.dinosaur.getEntityBoundingBox().grow(this.distance));

And it began to attack other mobs. The problem is that I don't want it to attack other entities within a certain range of the dinosaur, I want it to attack certain entities within a certain range of the nest. So I need to know why the 1st snippet of code is not working

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Your code uses a nestBlockPos variable as if it existed in the AI class, but it doesn't. How does this code even compile? And show your entity class, where is the nestBlockPos variable set? And do not call deprecated methods in the Block class, use the IBlockState equivalents.

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