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Cross world teleporting is it possible?

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I have created many worlds in minecraft, some are full ocean, some are full sand, some are full iced, and some are full forest of oak, some have very astonishing views, some have very fantastic idea of farming because of its plain plains but with so much plains biomes. Its sad if evrytime I can focus on one world, the others are forgotten, But I still need those maps  that has so many setup naturally thats Not even exist on the new/other one.

Now it came into my heart not to destroy/delete most of it instead created a damn impossible question:


1. is it possible to teleport across to another created world?

2. is there any mods out there that can do this feature "teleport across into another created world?

3. or is there any command to teleport between two or more worlds?

4. If NONE of the 3 above, is there any modders can do/make a mod that will do this things?

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there are couple of mods that add overworld-like dimensions (and portals or commands to get to them). pick one from curseforge, there are a few. then, enter, exit dimension, exit game, copy the dimension directory from your one world directory into this latest directory and you'll have your old worlds as dimensions in the new world.


bonus mission: make use of hard links (or directory junctions depending on your OS) to link instead of copy. then, changes you make when one world is loaded will be visible when you load the other world.


most important thing: BACKUP YOUR STUFF BEFORE STARTING! you have been warned.

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