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Initial version of the Modding API pushed back to MC 1.4?


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Based on these tweets, it seems so:






Thoughts?  The initial API is going to be server only anyway, but what does this mean, and they trying to go full bore on making SP be a hidden MP quickly?  If so then I quite look forward to it, even if the API is very lacking at start.  Notice what he said though, even 1.3 still seems to be a long way away.



And the new snapshot tomorrow sounds to be, interesting...


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So who wants to take bets on how long it will be before the official API can actually cope with the needs of the majority of the creative modders out there?


Forge has been around for a decent time now and it still has plenty of room to add new things that would be widely useful, so I'd love to see how long it takes to get a completely functional API that meets the needs of the majority of the community...


I accidentally the everything then NullPointerException.

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Operation Spitting Supernova?

That is what I want to know.  I am kind of leaning toward the SP becoming a hidden MP code change...  But honestly no clue...


As long as it doesn't cause any latency when the game is being played alone I don't really see how it could hurt, so I can't complain about the change.

I accidentally the everything then NullPointerException.

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