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MC 1.12.2 how to registering slabs correctly?


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As i'm using the proper methods to register blocks and items, i have a hard time to figure out how to register slabs now.

Because i have nothing to point to (no fields) and ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getValue() returns an AIR block sometimes.

There is alot of stuff that goes wrong. i'll attach my latest log. I have also lots of model loading errors. Saying the file is not found, but it is and i spelled it right.

This is my registering class:


public class ModRegistry {
	public static void onItemRegister(RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event) {
		System.out.println("Registering all items from the ITEMS registrylist");
		for (Block block : ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getValuesCollection()) {
			if (block.getRegistryName().getResourceDomain().equals(References.MOD_ID) ) {

			    event.getRegistry().register(new ItemBlock(block).setRegistryName(block.getRegistryName()));
		//adding stained clayballs
		new ItemClayBall("white_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("orange_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("magenta_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("light_blue_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("yellow_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("lime_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("pink_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("gray_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("silver_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("cyan_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("purple_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("blue_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("brown_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("green_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("red_stained_clayball"),
		new ItemClayBall("black_stained_clayball"),
		//adding colored terracotta brick
		new ItemBrick("white_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("orange_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("magenta_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("light_blue_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("yellow_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("lime_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("pink_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("gray_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("silver_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("cyan_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("purple_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("blue_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("brown_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("green_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("red_terracotta_brick"),
		new ItemBrick("black_terracotta_brick")
		Block blockhalf = ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getValue(new ResourceLocation(References.MOD_ID, "white_terracotta_bricks_halfslab"));
		Block blockdouble = ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getValue(new ResourceLocation(References.MOD_ID, "white_terracotta_bricks_doubleslab"));
		System.out.println("EERSTE BLOCK IS : " + blockhalf);
		System.out.println("TWEEDE BLOCK IS : " + blockdouble);
		ItemBlock item = new ItemSlab(blockhalf, (BlockSlab)blockhalf, (BlockSlab)blockdouble);
		System.out.println("ITEM WORD GEREGISTREERD MET NAAM: " + item.getRegistryName());
	public static void onBlockRegister(RegistryEvent.Register<Block> event) {
		System.out.println("Registering all blocks from the BLOCKS registrylist");
		//Creating terracotta bricks
		new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.WHITE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "white_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.ORANGE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "orange_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.MAGENTA_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "magenta_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.LIGHT_BLUE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "light_blue_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.YELLOW_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "yellow_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.LIME_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "lime_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.PINK_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "pink_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.GRAY_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "gray_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.SILVER_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "silver_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.CYAN_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "cyan_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.PURPLE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "purple_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.BLUE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "blue_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.BROWN_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "brown_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.GREEN_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "green_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.RED_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "red_terracotta_bricks"),
	    new BlockTerracotta(Material.ROCK, MapColor.BLACK_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "black_terracotta_bricks"),
	    //Creating stained clay blocks
	    new BlockStainedClay("white_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.WHITE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "white_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("orange_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.ORANGE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "orange_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("magenta_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.MAGENTA_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "magenta_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("light_blue_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.LIGHT_BLUE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "light_blue_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("yellow_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.YELLOW_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "yellow_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("lime_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.LIME_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "lime_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("pink_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.PINK_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "pink_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("gray_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.GRAY_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "gray_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("silver_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.SILVER_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "silver_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("cyan_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.CYAN_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "cyan_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("purple_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.PURPLE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "purple_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("blue_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.BLUE_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "blue_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("brown_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.BROWN_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "brown_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("green_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.GREEN_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "green_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("red_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.RED_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "red_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockStainedClay("black_stained_clayball", Material.CLAY, MapColor.BLACK_STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, "black_stained_clay"),
	    new BlockWinnetrieHalfSlab(new ResourceLocation(References.PREFIX + "white_terracotta_bricks"), References.PREFIX, "white_terracotta_bricks_halfslab"),
	    new BlockWinnetrieDoubleSlab(new ResourceLocation(References.PREFIX + "white_terracotta_bricks"), References.PREFIX, "white_terracotta_bricks_doubleslab" )


Here my slab class:


public abstract class BlockWinnetrieSlab extends BlockSlab{
	private Block parentBlock;
	private static Material material = Material.CLOTH;
	private static String registryName;

	public BlockWinnetrieSlab(ResourceLocation parentreference, String modprefix, String registryname) {
		parentBlock = ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getValue(parentreference);
		registryName = modprefix + registryname;
		setRegistryName(modprefix + registryname);
		IBlockState state = this.blockState.getBaseState();

		if (!this.isDouble()) {

			state = state.withProperty(HALF, EnumBlockHalf.BOTTOM);


		this.useNeighborBrightness = !this.isDouble();
		// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
	public SoundType getSoundType(IBlockState state, World world, BlockPos pos, @Nullable Entity entity){
        return parentBlock.getSoundType(state, world, pos, entity);
    public float getBlockHardness(IBlockState blockState, World worldIn, BlockPos pos)
        return parentBlock.getBlockState().getBaseState().getBlockHardness(worldIn, pos);
    public Material getMaterial(IBlockState state)
        return parentBlock.getBlockState().getBaseState().getMaterial();

    public MapColor getMapColor(IBlockState state, IBlockAccess worldIn, BlockPos pos)
        return parentBlock.getBlockState().getBaseState().getMapColor(worldIn, pos);

	public String getUnlocalizedName(int meta) {
		return this.getUnlocalizedName();

	public IProperty<?> getVariantProperty() {

		return HALF;

	public Comparable<?> getTypeForItem(ItemStack stack) {
		return EnumBlockHalf.BOTTOM;
	public int damageDropped(IBlockState state) {
		return 0;
    protected BlockStateContainer createBlockState() {

		return new BlockStateContainer(this, new IProperty[]{HALF}) ;

	public int getMetaFromState(final IBlockState state) {

		if (!this.isDouble()) {

			return 0;

		return ((EnumBlockHalf)state.getValue(HALF)).ordinal() + 1;

	public IBlockState getStateFromMeta(int meta) {

		if (!this.isDouble()) {
			return this.getDefaultState().withProperty(HALF, EnumBlockHalf.values()[meta % EnumBlockHalf.values().length]);


		return this.getDefaultState();

	public Item getItemDropped(IBlockState state, Random rand, int fortune) {
		return Item.getItemFromBlock(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getValue(new ResourceLocation(References.PREFIX + registryName)));///VERANDEREN HIER

	public abstract Item getHalfSlabReference();





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8 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Use local variables if you need to re-use a Block instance later in the method.

But then i have to use static initializers again. I can't use local variables in another method, and i need some references to the blocks who are inside the blockregistry method and use them in the itemregistry method to register the itemBlock


Or are in this case static initializers ok to use?

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4 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

You can use fields without static intializers...

But the Eclipse shows me en error and suggest to make it static:


Cannot make a static reference to the non-static field white_terracotta_bricks_halfslab


Since i can't make my registry methods non-static (because you then need to create an instance of that class in order to acces those methods), i have to use static fields.

Or do i miss something?


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static initializers != static fields. Initializer means you are instantinating something. If you just use a static field to store data between methods then it's not a static initializer.


This is also a false statement. Read the docs on events.

40 minutes ago, winnetrie said:

Since i can't make my registry methods non-static (because you then need to create an instance of that class in order to acces those methods)

Edited by V0idWa1k3r
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8 minutes ago, V0idWa1k3r said:


This is also a false statement. Read the docs on events.

That's very strange…..I was Always told you can't acces non-static methods without instantiating that class. Even java doc says this.

I tried, just for fun, to remove the static keyword from the methods and exactly that happend what i expected…..nothing was registered.


12 minutes ago, V0idWa1k3r said:

static initializers != static fields. Initializer means you are instantinating something. If you just use a static field to store data between methods then it's not a static initializer.

Oh yes ofcourse

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10 minutes ago, V0idWa1k3r said:

That is correct, but your event handler methods don't have to be static. Again, read the docs I have linked.

Aha if i understand it right, i can register my eventhandler class with non static methods like this:

MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new ModRegistry());

I guess this goes in the main class, but where exactly?

Edited by winnetrie
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10 minutes ago, V0idWa1k3r said:

Before the registry events fire, so in pre-init.

Thank you! Good the know.

I apologize for my ignorance, but sometimes a documentation is more difficult to understand without a real person explaining it in greater detail. Especially if English is not your main language.

I'm very greatfull people like you take the time to do this.

Edited by winnetrie
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If you need static references to your objects use @ObjectHolder. If you need access to an object more than once in your registry method use a local variable

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