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[1.14.2] @Mod wants "Value"


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I started work on a mod but almost immediately i ran into a wall.


When trying to fill in "@Mod" it wanted me to define the attribute "Value", it wont accept any of the expected values such as modid or version

I  have made sure that I'm importing the right class, I took a quick look at the Mod.Class but my lack of experience with java hinders from making too much sense from it,

Anyone ran into a similar problem before?

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What do you mean by it not accepting any of the values? Posting the code might help.


You should give it your mod ID as a String, and should match your mod ID that you've put in META-INF/mods.toml. If you haven't filled out this file yet, or there's a mismatch, this could be the problem.

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You don't need the "modid = " part, this is why you're getting the second error on that line (you haven't defined the variable modid). You can simply use @Mod("bravenewworldmodid"), or better yet, do something like

public class Main {
  public static final String MOD_ID = "bravenewworldmodid";
  // rest of your code

which lets you use that variable whenever you need the mod ID.

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1 hour ago, fweo said:

you haven't defined the variable modid

Nope. It's not about the variables.

It's about trying to assign an attribute that doesn't exist to the annotation.

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All variable names in annotations have names and need to be specified by “@Blah(variable=value)”. However, there is default variable that can be used (called “value”). This variable name allows you to omit doing “@Blah(value=yourValue)” and to just use “@Blah(yourValue)”

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