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[1.14.3] On Loot_Tables and Registry Names


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This is not a rant about JSON.




In an effort to ease myself into 1.14, I've taken up the task of updating a 1.10 decorative mod with a largish (2000+) number of blocks.  I'm about to create the loot tables for them, which, it appears, means an additional .json file each.


This is fine -- automating their creation will take upwards of a few minutes.  BUT -- is there a Better Way?  This is a task that, at first glance, seems to be better done in code.  But I also acknowledge the move toward data packs, which the code solution precludes.  So, if creating all those .json is the Right and Good Way, then super!  I'll do so and get on with my day.  If not, well, that's good to know too.


Second.  I would like to organize these myriad of files into sub-directories because, well, because it feels better to have them organized.  I can do so by including a \path at the start of the registry name.  "foo\mynewblock" will happily let me use \models\block\foo\mynewblock.json, etc.


Which is what I want, but it feels weird.  Recipes, /give, and whatever else that needs the block name now have to deal with the 'foo\' prefix, which I've never seen done before.  As such, I'm interested in opinions and/or alternate solutions here.  Keep the prefix and have the files organized, or just dump them into a single directory and move on?  Or other?


As always, thanks for your thoughts.

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