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[1.12.2] Adding custom liquids to bottles


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I have added several liquids to the game and forge has added buckets for all those liquids.

The liquids represent all kind of fruit juices (apple_juice, carrot_juice, lemon_juice, etc etc)

I have also added bottles with the liquid inside

What i want to achieve is that the game also knows that those bottles have the liquids.


I tried by adding NBT data:

	public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, @Nullable World worldIn, List<String> tooltip, ITooltipFlag flagIn) {
		NBTTagCompound nbt = stack.getTagCompound();
		if (nbt == null) {nbt = new NBTTagCompound();}
		nbt.setString("FluidName", NBTliquid);
		nbt.setInteger("Amount", 1000);

where NBTliquid is a variable (String)  i get from the constructor.


I have also CraftTweaker installed so i did /ct hand with an apple_juice bottle in my hand to see the tag on it.

This is the result from a bucket: <forge:bucketfilled>.withTag({FluidName: "apple_juice", Amount: 1000})

This is the result from a bottle:  <winnetriesexpansionmod:apple_juice_bottle>.withTag({FluidName: "apple_juice", Amount: 1000})


Am i'm doing something wrong here. The bucket works properly but the bottle not.

For example the bucket is accepted in various mods that load and unloads liquids, the bottles are not

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