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DM345 Flat World

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Hi all,


I'm working hard to create the best server in the Minecraft community.  I have a server hosted in Apex and I'm looking for players that are interested in building and playing with me.  I'm willing to give OP and will install useful plugins to enhancer game experience.  Here are my server details:



Port: 25595

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Hello geneticoman,

I am user Pac_Builder, I am currently trying to play on your server (surival because no creative), and I need to go to the nether, but, since it is superflat, I cant get a flint and steel, and since fireTick gamerule is off, I cant use spreading fire from the lava of villages either (to open the portal).

Would you kindly either enable doFireTick gamerule*, give flint and steels, or "give op"*, so I can continue playing ?

*(temporarly or not)


Best regards,


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