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[1.12.2]Render an EntityThrowable using item texture

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I have been adding some throwable entities based on the snowballs (using EntityThrowable and RenderSnowball). I can make both entities appear after right-clicking while holding a specific item but only one of them renders a texture.


Here is where I call the renders:

public class RenderHandler {

    public static void registerEntityRenders()
        RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityModFireball.class, new IRenderFactory<EntityModFireball>()
            public Render<? super EntityModFireball> createRenderFor(RenderManager manager) {
                return new RenderSnowball(manager, Items.FIRE_CHARGE, Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem());

        RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityGrenade.class, new IRenderFactory<EntityGrenade>()
           public Render<? super EntityGrenade> createRenderFor(RenderManager manager)
               return new RenderSnowball(manager, ItemInit.GRENADE, Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem());

The EntityGrenade renders with the texture I used for the grenade item. EntityModFireball does not render at all, though I can see its effect in the game. The method registerEntityRenders() is called in preInit in the main class. I've even tried using the grenade texture for the fireball just to see if for some reason I can only access my mod textures and it still did not work. I'm not sure why, given that both methods seem identical to me, one would work and the other would not.

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