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I can't get on www.minecraft.com it says error name resolution failed and I have waited 8 hours for it to come back up so I can download my Minecraft back because I had to uninstall it to fix a forge version that would delete and now I can't get on the Minecraft website to redownload Minecraft again, please tell me how I can fix this?


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you, people, are useless I have asked everything to try to get myself some help but no I even told you everything about my computer my internet service provider my wifi and then, your just going to give me a spamming warning for trying to get help, this is stupid someone please tell me a website I can go to where they can help me with my issue

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8 minutes ago, Bryson said:

you, people, are useless

Not a very good way to continue asking for help. Being insulting is a good way to just be ignored.


The problem you are having is either your computer or your internet, it is not a forge issue. I would say it could be the minecraft.net website, but it works for me, and other people that have visited this thread, so that is likely not the issue. And it is literally impossible to tell someone everything about your computer, there could be hidden malware on there that is breaking your dns lookups that you cannot see, and wouldn't be visible unless someone dug deep into your computer.


Just for S&Gs, have you restarted your computer, and tried restarting your wifi router and/or modem?


If you open a command prompt, and type "nslookup www.minecraft.net" (without the quotes), what do you get? This is my results (my router is using google's DNS servers, and my local computers use my router as a dns server)


nslookup www.minecraft.net
Server:  Linksys16755

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    sni1gl.wpc.nucdn.net
Addresses:  2606:2800:11f:af5:1d2f:2070:1073:924

Aliases:  www.minecraft.net

Another idea would be to make sure to run a complete virus and malware scan on your computer, to make sure nothing is trying to hijack your dns. In my experience this usually breaks other websites, not just a single one, but you never know.


You just started posting about this issue an hour ago, and because you didn't get an instant fix, you start insulting people. I highly doubt that anyone just sits here refreshing the page waiting to be of service to people. Most people pop in, browse around, help if they can, and then go back to work or doing whatever life stuff they have to do. Considering this is free, you don't really have the right to expect anything.

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20 minutes ago, Bryson said:

you, people, are useless I have asked everything to try to get myself some help but no I even told you everything about my computer my internet service provider my wifi and then, your just going to give me a spamming warning for trying to get help, this is stupid someone please tell me a website I can go to where they can help me with my issue

This isn't even the right website for this kind of question, yet people still tried to help you. Multiple people have made it clear that this is likely an issue with your DNS. You can restart your router, restart your pc, flush your dns, change it to another, more well-known provider, or check to make sure it isn't blocked via some firewall. Instead of being so rude towards the people who have tried to help, maybe you should try solving the problem using the information given.

I am a human and this action was performed manually. Please contact Frontear if you have any questions or concerns.

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    • It's the "Width on the screen" and "Height on the screen", so in this case the screen width and height.
    • I was able to post the 4 others, so they are on there now.
    • Could be "write", check vanilla for examples, or provide details of which version you're currently on.
    • I am trying to update a mod, and there does not seem to be any save() function in BlockEntity. What do I use instead?
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