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    • I'm trying to install Forge and Optifine so I can run a few mods, but whenever I try to open either of them with Java, this message appears. I'm pretty sure I did everything right. Why does this appear? And what commands am I supposed to check that are valid?
    • This is more of a problem on vanilla's end, and I was only able to find part of the code in Forge pertaining to this (I'm not even entirely sure I was looking in the right place). This is coming from the perspective of a user rather than a modder. Adding/changing dimensions, particularly the Overworld, using data packs in the vanilla style requires non-null seed values for both the dimension generator and the biome provider (which override the actual world seed), which results in worlds with a hard-coded single seed unless the value is changed manually by the user, resulting a non-functional pack otherwise. From what I've examined in OverworldBiomeProvider, it appears if the biome provider seed value is null a default value is returned via an Optional, but doing so results in the aforementioned non-functional pack (which I think probably means the default is also null). I have not been able to track down the handling of the dimensions seeds to know it, so I'm not sure if there is a similar situation there. Therefore, I am suggesting from the best of my knowledge to either have the Optional pass the world seed as its default value or parsing for some sort of key value that sets the seed to the world seed and can be harmlessly passed through the vanilla seed processing.
    • The problem is that will remove the fire effect even if the effect is not caused by the sunlight.   The purpose of this event is to allow user to modify the duration of the effect caused by the sunlight, and not to remove it as the source of the fire can be lava, enchantments, flint and steel...etc. And if like you said if you check it in the LivingUpdateEvent, and manually put out the fire if the entity is in daylight, they can literally swim in lava, or walk on fire without getting burned, which is not desired. Thanks for the reply.  
    • Isn't this already handled by LivingDamageEvent in some capacity? All you are doing is negating fire damage on the specific entity. My issues is that it's called every frame which would be already handled in some capacity by LivingUpdateEvent. Technically, I could just check if the entity is on fire and if it's daylight during this event and remove the fire effect. This negates the whole purpose of creating this event as otherwise it's just more processing time for the calls to go through synchronously. Also, if the event were to be called, it would be handled by ZombieEntity#shouldBurnInDay or an extra condition in PhantomEntity#livingTick for example.
    • Got it, and got it.   Thanks for explaining it to me, I'll try to wrap my head around that, and send an update soon.   Thank you!
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