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    • Well yes, but no. They don't have to delete stuff, they can just make a new zip file that has the same folder structure and files names and override your stuff without ever touching it. That's....kinda the whole point of the json system.
    • Because that's the default Vanilla gui texture size.
    • one thing I forgot to say is that following the EnderDragon's code i came across this: public void handleSpawnMob(SSpawnMobPacket packetIn) { PacketThreadUtil.checkThreadAndEnqueue(packetIn, (ClientPlayNetHandler) (Object)this, this.client); double d0 = packetIn.getX(); double d1 = packetIn.getY(); double d2 = packetIn.getZ(); float f = (float)(packetIn.getYaw() * 360) / 256.0F; float f1 = (float)(packetIn.getPitch() * 360) / 256.0F; LivingEntity livingentity = (LivingEntity)EntityType.create(packetIn.getEntityType(), this.client.world); if (livingentity != null) { livingentity.setPacketCoordinates(d0, d1, d2); livingentity.renderYawOffset = (float)(packetIn.getHeadPitch() * 360) / 256.0F; livingentity.rotationYawHead = (float)(packetIn.getHeadPitch() * 360) / 256.0F; if (livingentity instanceof EnderDragonEntity) { EnderDragonPartEntity[] aenderdragonpartentity = ((EnderDragonEntity)livingentity).getDragonParts(); for(int i = 0; i < aenderdragonpartentity.length; ++i) { aenderdragonpartentity[i].setEntityId(i + packetIn.getEntityID()); } } if (livingentity instanceof MultiPartEntity) { MultiPartEntityPart[] multipartentitypart = ((MultiPartEntity)livingentity).getAllParts(); for(int i = 0; i < multipartentitypart.length; ++i) { multipartentitypart[i].setEntityId(i + packetIn.getEntityID()); } } livingentity.setEntityId(packetIn.getEntityID()); livingentity.setUniqueId(packetIn.getUniqueId()); livingentity.setPositionAndRotation(d0, d1, d2, f, f1); livingentity.setMotion((double)((float)packetIn.getVelocityX() / 8000.0F), (double)((float)packetIn.getVelocityY() / 8000.0F), (double)((float)packetIn.getVelocityZ() / 8000.0F)); this.world.addEntity(packetIn.getEntityID(), livingentity); if (livingentity instanceof BeeEntity) { boolean flag = ((BeeEntity)livingentity).isAngry(); BeeSound beesound; if (flag) { beesound = new BeeAngrySound((BeeEntity)livingentity); } else { beesound = new BeeFlightSound((BeeEntity)livingentity); } this.client.getSoundHandler().play(beesound); } } else { LOGGER.warn("Skipping Entity with id {}", (int)packetIn.getEntityType()); } } I'm not sure if the error is in this part, but as you can see I added a condition to modify the entityID of each part, I tried it and it works as it should on clientSide    
    • Thanks for the suggestion!, i solved that problem but i found another.. The problem is, the entity parts have different IDs on client and server So, for example.. when i hit the head, in client-side the hit is received by the head but in server-side is received by the body bc the ids collide Do you have an idea why that can happen? Tell me if u need specific information
    • As no-one wanted to help me, I thought I'd update this in case anyone else wants to do something like this (which was to pseudo-embed a texturepack inside a mod to enable a user to toggle specific changed blocks textures on/off via a config). The answer I used is the extremely simple blockstate, via the getActualState method of the block to check the config setting and apply the blockstate and model as required.
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