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[1.12.2] modifying player stats (health) for capability

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so im currently workin on a rpg type level up system, that means the player will obviously be able to improve his attack defense and all that..

but now i was wondering cuz i want the player to have big numbers as health up to like 1000 or even more, should i directly modify the players entity attributes or what's yall suggestion?

my idea was:

saving custom health and maxHealth values (i think modifying the entity attributes only works up to some values) in my capability and every time the player gets hurt i would calculate the damage with using my stats values if the health of my own stored value drops below zero i would set the actual health value to zero and that would kill the player. would this be any good? what would be the best approach if i want the player to level his health? as like my abilities and all will do much damage (and i want the damage to be much higher as the vanilla) i was wondering what would be the "best" way to do this how would yall do this?

thanks :)) 

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