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[1.14.4] Give the player an item when durability reaches 0


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Hi, I want to make an item with durability that will give you another item when the durability reaches 0, this item applies various effects when right clicked on a mob, but when his durability is 0 it never gives the player the item


Here is the code:

public class PepperSpray extends Item {
	public PepperSpray(Item.Properties properties) {

	   public boolean itemInteractionForEntity(ItemStack stack, PlayerEntity playerIn, LivingEntity target, net.minecraft.util.Hand hand) {
		   if (target.world.isRemote) return false;
	         if (target instanceof LivingEntity) {
	        	 target.addPotionEffect(new EffectInstance(Effects.POISON, 40));
	        	 target.addPotionEffect(new EffectInstance(Effects.BLINDNESS, 125));
	        	 target.addPotionEffect(new EffectInstance(Effects.WEAKNESS, 20));
	        	 stack.damageItem(1, target, e -> e.sendBreakAnimation(hand));
	        	 if (stack.isEmpty()) {
	                 stack = new ItemStack(Items.BEETROOT);

	        playerIn.getEntityWorld().playSound(null, playerIn.getPosition(), SoundEvents.ENTITY_CREEPER_HURT, SoundCategory.PLAYERS, 0.9f, 3.0f);
			return true;

And here is the part that doesn't work.

if (stack.isEmpty()) {
	                 stack = new ItemStack(Items.BEETROOT);

Any help is appreciated.

Edited by Jebano
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2 hours ago, Jebano said:

Thanks, it worked! The only problem is that if you grab an item when durability reaches 0 (like if you have lots of items on the ground and you automatically pick up one), it won't give you the item because it doesn't detect it as an "empty" stack.

You need to handle that case yourself. addItemStackToInventory returns a value. Use that value to know whether or not you must spawn an EntityItem where the player is.


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