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(SOLVED)[1.12.2] Help with PlaySoundEvent


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I want to replace vanilla sounds with custom ones in certain circumstances in my mod.


The way to do it appears to be to use PlaySoundEvent & return a new sound.

I have set up a custom SoundEvent successfully, but need help with PlaySoundEvent .

My SoundEvent is registered like so:

public class ModSounds {

    public static SoundEvent sword2Use = new SoundEvent(new ResourceLocation(testmod.modId + ":" + "sword2Use")).setRegistryName("sword2Use");   
    public static void register(IForgeRegistry<SoundEvent> registry) {



My code so far for the PlaySoundEvent Listener:

public class SoundPlays {
		@SubscribeEvent(priority=EventPriority.NORMAL, receiveCanceled=true)
		public void soundPlay(PlaySoundEvent event) {			
			EntityPlayer player = Minecraft.getMinecraft().player;
			if (player != null 
			&& player.getHeldItemMainhand().getItem() == ModItems.sword2) 				

I'm stuck with what to return in ??????, as I don't know how to return a SoundEvent as ISound & can't find any documentation or examples to work off.


Any help appreciate.



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  • Do not create registry entries in static initializers.
  • Do not use @SideOnly.
  • 7 hours ago, kingdadrules said:

    I'm stuck with what to return in ??????, as I don't know how to return a SoundEvent as ISound & can't find any documentation or examples to work off.

    Look at the implementations of ISound (your IDE has a "type hierarchy" command). Then see how they are used in vanilla.
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Thanks for your advice diesieben07, it definately helped with sorting it & the type hierarchy view will come in very handy.


I created my own class implementing ISound, including my custom ResourceLocation & returned this:

MyISound sound =  new MyISound();		

It works fine now. I'm slowly learning!


I will look into using the correct method of creating registry entries. I copied the static initializer method from example code at the start of my modding journey & so have used it for registering everything since.






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I've just come back to this because I afree & realise the way to go is not to write my own implementation.


I've looked & looked but I cannot see how to do what I need to do without doing this.


I want to be able to return my own custom sound  & also to make some sounds non-fading, which I do in a custom implementation by  returning AttenuationType.LINEAR  from getAttenuationType().


Any further help would be welcome & hopefully assist in my minecraft & java learning path.





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2 hours ago, kingdadrules said:

I want to be able to return my own custom sound  & also to make some sounds non-fading, which I do in a custom implementation by  returning AttenuationType.LINEAR  from getAttenuationType().

Look at PositionedSoundRecord (the class most often used for sounds, no, not only for records, the name is misleading).

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That was the pointer I needed, I can't understand why I didn't pick this up from my trawling online.


ResourceLocation loc = new ResourceLocation(testmod.modId + ":" + "sword2Use");
PositionedSoundRecord MyPSR = new PositionedSoundRecord(loc, SoundCategory.PLAYERS, 1.0f, 1.0f, false, 0, AttenuationType.LINEAR, 
		player.getPosition().getX(), player.getPosition().getY(), player.getPosition().getZ());



Has done the trick.


Thanks once again for your help & patience.




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