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Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 5.0.


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FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Task 'setupDecompWorkspace' not found in root project 'mod'.

* Try:
Run gradlew tasks to get a list of available tasks. Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at https://help.gradle.org

Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 5.0.
Use '--warning-mode all' to show the individual deprecation warnings.
See https://docs.gradle.org/4.9/userguide/command_line_interface.html#sec:command_line_warnings


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Please keep this forum in English,

please don't necro old threads,

1.12.2 and below are no longer supported,

please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.

This is my Forum Signature, I am currently attempting to transform it into a small guide for fixing easier issues using spoiler blocks to keep things tidy.


As the most common issue I feel I should put this outside the main bulk:

The only official source for Forge is https://files.minecraftforge.net, and the only site I trust for getting mods is CurseForge.

If you use any site other than these, please take a look at the StopModReposts project and install their browser extension, I would also advise running a virus scan.


For players asking for assistance with Forge please expand the spoiler below and read the appropriate section(s) in its/their entirety.


Logs (Most issues require logs to diagnose):


Please post logs using one of the following sites (Thank you Lumber Wizard for the list):

https://gist.github.com/100MB Requires member (Free)

https://pastebin.com/: 512KB as guest, 10MB as Pro ($$$)

https://hastebin.com/: 400KB

Do NOT use sites like Mediafire, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or a site that has a countdown before offering downloads.


What to provide:

...for Crashes and Runtime issues:

Minecraft 1.14.4 and newer:

Post debug.log

Older versions:

Please update...


...for Installer Issues:

Post your installer log, found in the same place you ran the installer

This log will be called either installer.log or named the same as the installer but with .log on the end

Note for Windows users:

Windows hides file extensions by default so the installer may appear without the .jar extension then when the .log is added the log will appear with the .jar extension


Where to get it:

Mojang Launcher: When using the Mojang launcher debug.log is found in .minecraft\logs.


Curse/Overwolf: If you are using the Curse Launcher, their configurations break Forge's log settings, fortunately there is an easier workaround than I originally thought, this works even with Curse's installation of the Minecraft launcher as long as it is not launched THROUGH Twitch:

  1. Make sure you have the correct version of Forge installed (some packs are heavily dependent on one specific build of Forge)
  2. Make a launcher profile targeting this version of Forge.
  3. Set the launcher profile's GameDir property to the pack's instance folder (not the instances folder, the folder that has the pack's name on it).
  4. Now launch the pack through that profile and follow the "Mojang Launcher" instructions above.






or alternately, 


Fallback ("No logs are generated"):

If you don't see logs generated in the usual place, provide the launcher_log.txt from .minecraft


Server Not Starting:


If your server does not start or a command window appears and immediately goes away, run the jar manually and provide the output.


Reporting Illegal/Inappropriate Adfocus Ads:


Get a screenshot of the URL bar or copy/paste the whole URL into a thread on the General Discussion board with a description of the Ad.

Lex will need the Ad ID contained in that URL to report it to Adfocus' support team.


Posting your mod as a GitHub Repo:


When you have an issue with your mod the most helpful thing you can do when asking for help is to provide your code to those helping you. The most convenient way to do this is via GitHub or another source control hub.

When setting up a GitHub Repo it might seem easy to just upload everything, however this method has the potential for mistakes that could lead to trouble later on, it is recommended to use a Git client or to get comfortable with the Git command line. The following instructions will use the Git Command Line and as such they assume you already have it installed and that you have created a repository.


  1. Open a command prompt (CMD, Powershell, Terminal, etc).
  2. Navigate to the folder you extracted Forge’s MDK to (the one that had all the licenses in).
  3. Run the following commands:
    1. git init
    2. git remote add origin [Your Repository's URL]
      • In the case of GitHub it should look like: https://GitHub.com/[Your Username]/[Repo Name].git
    3. git fetch
    4. git checkout --track origin/master
    5. git stage *
    6. git commit -m "[Your commit message]"
    7. git push
  4. Navigate to GitHub and you should now see most of the files.
    • note that it is intentional that some are not synced with GitHub and this is done with the (hidden) .gitignore file that Forge’s MDK has provided (hence the strictness on which folder git init is run from)
  5. Now you can share your GitHub link with those who you are asking for help.

[Workaround line, please ignore]


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    • Hello everyone, like the title suggest, I've a problem running dedicated server for my mod "emomod, Emotion's Mod", I understand that the problem is caused by my containers because of invalid dist and I understand the concept of side but I really struggle to fix it, for the lore I'm developing this mod since 5 or 6 years from now so it's a huge one, I have like 281 block textures, 167 item textures, biomes, game mechanics, dimensions, entities etc.. I love it but I kept it private for the moment (I may send it public soon) and I use to get back on it sometimes when I want to update the version (I also rewrite everything once because I suck to do so for the version 1.8 to 1.12 / 1.14) or add stuff for example, here is the log of the server :   I'm registering Biome, Block, ContainerType, TileEntityType etc.. In differents class that I'm calling in my main one called "MainRegistry" with the method init().   Firstly, the classe where I'm registering ContainerType is modestly named "ContainerTypeRegistry" (this is my convention), I've currently three type of container, "CRAFTER" wich is a complex automatic crafting machine, "BAG" is a bag item storing stuff using "ItemStackHandler" and finally Nightstand is a basic chest with less slots (4) using different color GUIs based on the wood used to craft, here is the code :   @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = MainRegistry.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) public class ContainerTypeRegistry { private static final List<ContainerType<?>> containerTypeList = new ArrayList<ContainerType<?>>(); public static final ContainerType<CrafterContainer> CRAFTER = IForgeContainerType.create((windowId, inv, data) -> { BlockPos pos = data.readBlockPos(); return new CrafterContainer(windowId, MainRegistry.proxy.getClientWorld(), pos, MainRegistry.proxy.getClientPlayer()); }); public static final ContainerType<BagContainer> BAG = IForgeContainerType.create((windowId, inv, data) -> { return new BagContainer(windowId, inv); }); public static final ContainerType<NightstandContainer> NIGHTSTAND = IForgeContainerType.create((windowId, inv, data) -> { BlockPos pos = data.readBlockPos(); return new NightstandContainer(windowId, inv.player.getEntityWorld(), pos, inv); }); public static void init() { addContainerType(CRAFTER, "crafter"); addContainerType(BAG, "bag"); addContainerType(NIGHTSTAND, "nightstand"); } public static void addContainerType(ContainerType<?> tet, String name) { containerTypeList.add(tet.setRegistryName(name)); } @SubscribeEvent public static void registerContainerType(final RegistryEvent.Register<ContainerType<?>> e) { for (ContainerType<?> tet : containerTypeList) { e.getRegistry().register(tet); } } } Secondly, I'm using the same technique to register TileEntityType and I'm calling all those init methods but also ScreenManager.registerFactory() like I said in the main class just here :   @Mod(MainRegistry.MOD_ID) public class MainRegistry { public static final String MOD_ID = "emomod"; public static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger(MOD_ID); public static IProxy proxy = DistExecutor.runForDist(() -> () -> new ClientProxy(), () -> () -> new ServerProxy()); public static MainRegistry instance; public static WorldType PARCEL_TYPE = new ParcelWorldType(); public static WorldType DREAM_TYPE = new DreamWorldType(); public MainRegistry() { ItemRegistry.init(); BlockRegistry.init(); TileEntityTypeRegistry.init(); EntityTypeRegistry.init(); SurfaceBuilderRegistry.init(); PlacementRegistry.init(); FeatureRegistry.init(); FluidRegistry.init(); ContainerTypeRegistry.init(); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(PotionUtils.addPotionToItemStack(new ItemStack(Items.POTION), Potions.WATER).getItem(), new IInteractBehavior()); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.WHEAT_SEEDS, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.WHEAT, Blocks.FARMLAND)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.PUMPKIN_SEEDS, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.PUMPKIN_STEM, Blocks.FARMLAND)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.MELON_SEEDS, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.MELON_STEM, Blocks.FARMLAND)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.BEETROOT_SEEDS, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.BEETROOTS, Blocks.FARMLAND)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.CARROT, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.CARROTS, Blocks.FARMLAND)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.POTATO, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.POTATOES, Blocks.FARMLAND)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.OAK_SAPLING, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.OAK_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.ACACIA_SAPLING, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.ACACIA_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.BIRCH_SAPLING, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.BIRCH_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.DARK_OAK_SAPLING, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.DARK_OAK_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.JUNGLE_SAPLING, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.JUNGLE_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.SPRUCE_SAPLING, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.SPRUCE_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.BAMBOO, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.BAMBOO_SAPLING, Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(Items.NETHER_WART, new IPlaceBehavior(Blocks.NETHER_WART, Blocks.SOUL_SAND, Blocks.DIRT, Blocks.COARSE_DIRT, Blocks.PODZOL)); FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus().addListener(this::setup); FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus().addListener(this::clientSetup); FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus().addListener(this::serverSetup); MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new EmotionOverlayEvent()); MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new EmotionLivingEvent()); ClientRegistry.bindTileEntitySpecialRenderer(TileEntitySign.class, new TileEntitySignRenderer()); ClientRegistry.bindTileEntitySpecialRenderer(TileEntityCrafter.class, new TileEntityCrafterRenderer()); ClientRegistry.bindTileEntitySpecialRenderer(TileEntityPot.class, new TileEntityPotRenderer()); LootConditionManager.registerCondition(new HarvestLevelCondition.Serializer()); EmomodPacketHandler.registerMessages(); } private void setup(final FMLCommonSetupEvent e) { proxy.init(); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(OrbSpellEntity.class, render -> new SpriteRenderer<OrbSpellEntity>(render, Minecraft.getInstance().getItemRenderer())); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityButterfly.class, render -> new RendererButterfly(render)); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityBeetle.class, render -> new RendererBasic<EntityBeetle, ModelBeetle>(render, new ModelBeetle(), 0.175f, new ResourceLocation(MainRegistry.MOD_ID, "textures/entity/beetle.png"))); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityLightningBug.class, render -> new RendererBasic<EntityLightningBug, ModelLightningBug>(render, new ModelLightningBug(), 0.0f, new ResourceLocation(MainRegistry.MOD_ID, "textures/entity/lightning_bug.png"))); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityBoat.class, RendererBoat::new); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityChubby.class, render -> new RendererBasic<EntityChubby, ModelChubby>(render, new ModelChubby(), .2f, new ResourceLocation(MainRegistry.MOD_ID, "textures/entity/chubby.png"))); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityMouse.class, render -> new RendererMouse(render, new ModelMouse(), 0.1f)); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityOrchardSpider.class, render -> new RendererOrchardSpider<EntityOrchardSpider>(render)); EmoOreGeneration.setupOreGeneration(); // RecipeRegistry.init(); } private void clientSetup(final FMLClientSetupEvent e) { EmoStaff staff = (EmoStaff) ItemRegistry.PURPURA_STAFF; Minecraft.getInstance().getItemColors().register((item, tintIndex) -> { return staff.getColor(new ItemStack(staff), tintIndex); }, staff); Minecraft.getInstance().getItemColors().register((item, tintIndex) -> { return GrassColors.get(0.5D, 1.0D); }, BlockRegistry.FLOWER_TALLGRASS); Minecraft.getInstance().getItemColors().register((item, tintIndex) -> { BlockState blockstate = ((BlockItem) item.getItem()).getBlock().getDefaultState(); return Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().getColor(blockstate, (IEnviromentBlockReader) null, (BlockPos) null, tintIndex); }, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_CHERRY, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_PEAR, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_ORANGE, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_ATLAS, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_PINE, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_COCO, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_DREAM); Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register((state, reader, pos, color) -> { return reader != null && pos != null ? BiomeColors.getGrassColor(reader, pos) : GrassColors.get(0.5D, 1.0D); }, BlockRegistry.FLOWER_TALLGRASS); Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register((state, reader, pos, color) -> { return reader != null && pos != null ? BiomeColors.getFoliageColor(reader, pos) : FoliageColors.getDefault(); }, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_PINE, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_COCO, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_DREAM); Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register((state, reader, pos, color) -> { return 0xac73af; }, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_CHERRY); Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register((state, reader, pos, color) -> { return 0x487748; }, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_PEAR); Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register((state, reader, pos, color) -> { return 0x45a14a; }, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_ORANGE); Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register((state, reader, pos, color) -> { return 0x4496c4; }, BlockRegistry.LEAVES_ATLAS); ScreenManager.<CrafterContainer, CrafterScreen>registerFactory(ContainerTypeRegistry.CRAFTER, (container, playerInventory, title) -> { return new CrafterScreen(container, playerInventory, title); }); ScreenManager.<BagContainer, BagScreen>registerFactory(ContainerTypeRegistry.BAG, (container, playerInventory, title) -> { return new BagScreen(container, playerInventory, title); }); ScreenManager.<NightstandContainer, NightstandScreen>registerFactory(ContainerTypeRegistry.NIGHTSTAND, (container, playerInventory, title) -> { return new NightstandScreen(container, playerInventory, title, container.getTileEntity().getColor()); }); } private void serverSetup(final FMLDedicatedServerSetupEvent e) { } } Finally for the specific class I'm only gonna send the Nightstand one in random way :   - Block class :   public class EmoNightstand extends Block { private static final DirectionProperty FACING = HorizontalBlock.HORIZONTAL_FACING; private static final VoxelShape NIGHTSTAND_SHAPE = Block.makeCuboidShape(1.0D, 0.0D, 1.0D, 15.0D, 15.0D, 15.0D); private float[] color; public EmoNightstand(Properties properties, float[] color) { super(properties); this.getDefaultState().with(FACING, Direction.NORTH); this.color = color; } @Override public VoxelShape getCollisionShape(BlockState state, IBlockReader worldIn, BlockPos pos, ISelectionContext context) { return NIGHTSTAND_SHAPE; } @Override public VoxelShape getShape(BlockState state, IBlockReader worldIn, BlockPos pos, ISelectionContext context) { return NIGHTSTAND_SHAPE; } @Override public boolean onBlockActivated(BlockState state, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn, BlockRayTraceResult hit) { if (!worldIn.isRemote) { TileEntity tileEntity = worldIn.getTileEntity(pos); if (tileEntity instanceof INamedContainerProvider) { NetworkHooks.openGui((ServerPlayerEntity) player, (INamedContainerProvider) tileEntity, tileEntity.getPos()); } } return true; } public BlockState getStateForPlacement(BlockItemUseContext context) { return this.getDefaultState().with(FACING, context.getPlacementHorizontalFacing().getOpposite()); } protected void fillStateContainer(StateContainer.Builder<Block, BlockState> builder) { builder.add(FACING); } @Override public boolean hasTileEntity(BlockState state) { return true; } @Override public TileEntity createTileEntity(BlockState state, IBlockReader world) { return new TileEntityNightstand(this.color); } } - The ContainerScreen class :   public class NightstandScreen extends ContainerScreen<NightstandContainer> { private static final ResourceLocation NIGHTSTAND_GUI_SCREEN = new ResourceLocation(MainRegistry.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/container/nightstand.png"); private float[] color; public NightstandScreen(NightstandContainer screenContainer, PlayerInventory playerInventory, ITextComponent titleIn, float[] color) { super(screenContainer, playerInventory, titleIn); this.xSize = 176; this.ySize = 127; this.color = color; } protected void drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer(int mouseX, int mouseY) { this.font.drawString(this.getTitle().getFormattedText(), 8, 4, 0); this.font.drawString(this.playerInventory.getDisplayName().getFormattedText(), 8.0F, (float) (this.ySize - 96 + 2), 0); } @Override protected void drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer(float partialTicks, int mouseX, int mouseY) { int xPos = (this.width - this.xSize) / 2; int yPos = (this.height - this.ySize) / 2; GlStateManager.color4f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f); this.minecraft.getTextureManager().bindTexture(NIGHTSTAND_GUI_SCREEN); this.blit(xPos, yPos, 0, 0, this.xSize, this.ySize); GlStateManager.color4f(color[0] / 255, color[1] / 255, color[2] / 255, 1.0f); this.blit(xPos, yPos, 0, 0, this.xSize, this.ySize); GlStateManager.disableTexture(); GlStateManager.enableBlend(); GlStateManager.disableAlphaTest(); GlStateManager.blendFuncSeparate(GlStateManager.SourceFactor.SRC_ALPHA, GlStateManager.DestFactor.ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA, GlStateManager.SourceFactor.ONE, GlStateManager.DestFactor.ZERO); GlStateManager.shadeModel(7425); Tessellator tessellator = Tessellator.getInstance(); BufferBuilder bufferbuilder = tessellator.getBuffer(); bufferbuilder.begin(7, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_COLOR); bufferbuilder.pos((double) xPos + this.xSize, (double) yPos, (double) this.blitOffset).color(0, 0, 0, 0).endVertex(); bufferbuilder.pos((double) xPos, (double) yPos, (double) this.blitOffset).color(0, 0, 0, 0).endVertex(); bufferbuilder.pos((double) xPos, (double) yPos + this.ySize, (double) this.blitOffset).color(0, 0, 0, 255 / 2).endVertex(); bufferbuilder.pos((double) xPos + this.xSize, (double) yPos + this.ySize, (double) this.blitOffset).color(0, 0, 0, 255 / 2).endVertex(); tessellator.draw(); GlStateManager.shadeModel(7424); GlStateManager.disableBlend(); GlStateManager.enableAlphaTest(); GlStateManager.enableTexture(); } } The Container class :   public class NightstandContainer extends Container { private TileEntity tileEntity; private int containerSlots = 0; public NightstandContainer(int id, World world, BlockPos pos, PlayerInventory playerInventory) { super(ContainerTypeRegistry.NIGHTSTAND, id); this.tileEntity = world.getTileEntity(pos); tileEntity.getCapability(CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY).ifPresent(h -> { containerSlots = h.getSlots(); for (int i = 0; i < h.getSlots(); i++) { addSlot(new SlotItemHandler(h, i, 44 + (i * 18) + (i > 1 ? 18 : 0), 14)); } }); for (int y = 0; y < 3; ++y) { for (int x = 0; x < 9; ++x) { this.addSlot(new Slot(playerInventory, x + y * 9 + 9, 8 + (x * 18), 45 + (y * 18))); } } for (int k = 0; k < 9; ++k) { this.addSlot(new Slot(playerInventory, k, 8 + k * 18, 103)); } } @Override public ItemStack transferStackInSlot(PlayerEntity playerIn, int index) { Slot slot = this.getSlot(index); if (!slot.canTakeStack(playerIn)) return slot.getStack(); if (!slot.getHasStack()) return ItemStack.EMPTY; ItemStack stack = slot.getStack(); ItemStack newStack = stack.copy(); if (index < containerSlots) { if (!this.mergeItemStack(stack, containerSlots, this.inventorySlots.size(), true)) return ItemStack.EMPTY; slot.onSlotChanged(); } else if (!this.mergeItemStack(stack, 0, containerSlots, false)) return ItemStack.EMPTY; if (stack.isEmpty()) slot.putStack(ItemStack.EMPTY); else slot.onSlotChanged(); return slot.onTake(playerIn, newStack); } @Override public boolean canInteractWith(PlayerEntity playerIn) { return this.isUsable(playerIn); } protected boolean isUsable(PlayerEntity playerIn) { return IWorldPosCallable.of(tileEntity.getWorld(), tileEntity.getPos()).applyOrElse((block, pos) -> { return !(block.getBlockState(pos).getBlock() instanceof EmoNightstand) ? false : playerIn.getDistanceSq((double) pos.getX() + 0.5D, (double) pos.getY() + 0.5D, (double) pos.getZ() + 0.5D) <= 64.0D; }, true); } @Nullable public TileEntityNightstand getTileEntity() { if (this.tileEntity instanceof TileEntityNightstand) return (TileEntityNightstand) this.tileEntity; else return null; } } The TileEntity class :   public class TileEntityNightstand extends TileEntity implements INamedContainerProvider { private LazyOptional<IItemHandler> handler = LazyOptional.of(this::createHandler); private float[] color = new float[] { 0.0f, 255.0f, 0.0f}; public TileEntityNightstand(float[] color) { this(); this.color = color; } public TileEntityNightstand() { super(TileEntityTypeRegistry.NIGHTSTAND); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") @Override public void read(CompoundNBT compound) { CompoundNBT inventory = compound.getCompound("Inventory"); handler.ifPresent(h -> ((INBTSerializable<CompoundNBT>) h).deserializeNBT(inventory)); super.read(compound); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") @Override public CompoundNBT write(CompoundNBT compound) { handler.ifPresent(h -> { CompoundNBT nbt = ((INBTSerializable<CompoundNBT>) h).serializeNBT(); compound.put("Inventory", nbt); }); return super.write(compound); } private IItemHandler createHandler() { return new ItemStackHandler(4) { @Override protected void onContentsChanged(int slot) { markDirty(); } }; } @Override public <T> LazyOptional<T> getCapability(Capability<T> cap, Direction side) { if (cap == CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY) return handler.cast(); return super.getCapability(cap, side); } @Override public ITextComponent getDisplayName() { return new TranslationTextComponent("container.emomod.nightstand"); } @Override public Container createMenu(int windowId, PlayerInventory playerInventory, PlayerEntity player) { return new NightstandContainer(windowId, this.getWorld(), this.getPos(), playerInventory); } public float[] getColor() { return this.color; } } And voilà, I think that everything is here and I will really appreciate some help, this mod is very important for me and I've put so many efforts in it, I've to update it soon to the latest version (I may also want some paid help for that if I can apply some sort of dev recrutment on this forum) and I will stop adding stuff but polish everything up to finally set it public. Thanks again for giving me some of your time, I can send the WIP version of the mod jar as demo when this will be fixed if some of you want it, and also if I find a way to protect my textures from being copied / reused or modified.
    • https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/concepts/sides/#writing-one-sided-mods
    • What?! Just use RegisterCommandsEvent. FMLServerStartingEvent is not involved with registering commands at all.
    • Only ModelRegistryEvent is necessary. Call ModelLoader.addSpecialModel in there and the model will be baked as normal.
    • Really old Minecraft versions are no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
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