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[Closed]Unable to create world/java.lang.OutOfMemoryError


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Made a stupid mistake in a block initialization.


So I shifted through Pahimar's modding tutorials, the dev environment seemed pretty good in episode 4, easier than the norm, updating MCP/Forge's similar etc.


Everything works fine... except when I've added my mod to the classpath and attempt to generate a world I get a lovely error:


So it's running out of memory, but only when my mod's added, I stripped my main mod class down to naught the @Mod interface and the other 'required' components and it still fails on world generation.


I've attempted a few ways, well, the ways I know of for adding more memory to eclipse/ the run process:


Though I don't seem to be able to assign more than 1gb of ram, but in any case I ran things like FTB/tekkit with around 500mb so it should be fine just generating a 'vanilla world', for all intent and purpose.





[Edit] Should be noted I'm using the latest forge build as of last night, though I only updated due to the 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError' I was already having. '1.5.1-'

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