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[Off-topic-ish] IntelliJ HotSwap.

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I had been using Eclipse for too long before I switched to IntelliJ this year, and I absolutely love IntelliJ. It has a neater environment, offers more tools, and generally speaking, is more professional. However I do miss something from Eclipse. While on debug mode, you could just edit the classes, save them, and the changes would pop right into the game. A very nice tool to have, especially when working with models and such because you can see what's going on right away without needing to restart the game every time you make a change.

IntelliJ kind of has the same thing too and they call it HotSwap, but it feels a little sluggish compared to Eclipse. I have to do the process manually by hitting the "Reload Changed Classes" and it actually takes longer to update the game. Also, sometimes it doesn't even change anything in-game and that's where it gets a little annoying, especially for me right now that I am working on a model. I had to refresh the game everytime I made an adjustment because HotSwap couldn't update it while on debug mode and I wasted an hour trying to get everything to look right.

Is there a way to make the IntelliJ debugger work like the Eclipse debugger? It would really help out to save some time.

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Hot swap in Idea doesn't work with forge 1.14 at all for me, and it is very frustrating. Could someone explain why? ?

P.S. Doesn't work in Eclipse as well... Good job, devs, you successfully made my life harder.

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Tried on Eclipse
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