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1.12.2 preserving mod ids per mod update


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I recently reworked a fair bit of my mod to read in data from an XML file. Reason doing so was that I wanted a better way to add blocks for a mod that had over 1000+ objects and counting. In doing so, I shifted my block ids. If I update a world with existing blocks, it will possibly remove the mod blocks. I have an idea that may work, but it is flawed, and will not work the mod is grouped in an existing mod pack that already has blocks ids in place of my block ids. My initial plan was to run the mod, register the blocks as normal, then in the post initialization phase, build a map of block name and id, save that to a file to the assets folder. When I run the mod again, I'll do a check for the file and use that to determine the order of how the blocks are registered. I'm really stumped on this problem, and was hoping anyone more experienced that I am would point me in the right direction. 




Please ignore this post. When I was checking in my old world I noticed blocks were missing, which made me suspect that had something to do with the ids. The main cause was that I used the wrong set of data for my XML data. When it processed to generate the blocks I got a null pointer from the bad data. All is good now.

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Solved my problem
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