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Item Rotation Not Working


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NOTE: If this is a already known bug, just delete this thread and move along... this isnt a serious bug or anything, just something i thought should be notified about since its been like this for awhile(unless its optifine/other, then ill go to them)

So when I went onto minecraft, Made a new world, Started mining, I noticed something un-usual thing.... Items like coal and saplings/farming, wouldnt "turn" as they usually do. So I figured ill upgrade to forge 676 from 659(i THINK). still issue occured, Not sure if its optifine, or forge, but i figure its forge considering forge pretty much changes everything...


Heres some pictures to help show you what i mean:

(im moving to my right and taking photo's...)


Heres my MultiMC Console:



Heres my forge0log:


(^ it didnt occur, but just generally playing it happens... probably re-producable.)


Additional Notes:

i got a bad computer, optifine is required sadly, no TP's, mostly everything is to boost fps cause things like fog lag SOOO hard... my GPU does not like fading/transparency... at all...



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I would put this on Optifine, as item on the ground usually render in 3D now, and its a optifine feature to disable that 3d rendering.

I just tested with the latest build and things work just fine.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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