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How do I set my Entity's size? [1.14.4]

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Hi! I've encountered a problem where my entity's collision boz is way larger than it's model, is there anyway to fix this? In 1.12 setting the size for an entity was easy, but now I can't seem to find the way to do it. Thanks in advance.

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The basic entity size (width and height) is defined when you create the EntityType registry object (example).  This was also the case in 1.12.2, and hasn't really changed.


This width & height is used to set up the entity's bounding box in Entity#setPosition(), which is used for the vast majority of entities (other than paintings, picture frames, leash knots and shulkers, which have their own setPosition() implementations).  This bounding box is centred on the entity's X/Z position, with the Y position at the bottom of the bounding box (e.g. your player bounding box is centered horizontally at your feet, on the ground).

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