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    • Yea, I realized how obvious it was after I wrote my comment XD. I'm going to try and get this to work. Thanks for your help!
    • So I downloaded 1.8.9 forge put the mods in the folder loaded it up, and as soon it finished. BOOM this  Error: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field net.minecraft.client.resources.model.WeightedBakedModel.field_177565_b from class net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader$FlexibleWeightedBakedModel Exit Code: -1
    • If only there was some documentation in the ObfuscationReflectionHelper class
    • nice! but i know how the getPrivateValue works! but idk how to make it accessible
    • Assumptions and what we want to achieve No longer a target for MonsterEntity while equipped with an iron chest plate. You also want to make the same motion if you have an iron chest plate in your right or left hand   What I've tried   As an example, F "Ignored by Zombies"   Override the following goal of ZombieEntity   this.targetSelector.addGoal(2, new NearestAttackableTargetGoal<>(this, PlayerEntity.class, true)); Extract the goals of zombieEntity.targetSelector. Find the above goal that targets PlayerEntity and extract the targetEntitySelector. private static final Field privateFieldGoals = ObfuscationReflectionHelper .findField(GoalSelector.class, "goals"); private static final Field privateFieldExcludedFieldTargetEntitySelector = ObfuscationReflectionHelper .findField(NearestAttackableTargetGoal.class, "targetEntitySelector"); Set your custom IronChecker in setCustomPredicate EntityPredicate entityPredicate = (EntityPredicate) privateFieldExcludedFieldTargetEntitySelector .get(goal); entityPredicate.setCustomPredicate(new IronChecker());   private static class IronChecker implements Predicate<LivingEntity> { @Override public boolean test(LivingEntity livingEntity) { if (!(livingEntity instanceof PlayerEntity)) { return false; } PlayerEntity playerEntity = (PlayerEntity) livingEntity; if (playerEntity.getHeldItemMainhand() .isItemEqual(Items.DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE.getDefaultInstance())) { System.out.println("HeldItemMainhand"); return false; } System.out.println(playerEntity.inventory.armorInventory); if (playerEntity.inventory.armorInventory .contains(Items.DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE.getDefaultInstance())) { return false; } System.out.println(playerEntity.inventory.offHandInventory); if (playerEntity.inventory.offHandInventory .contains(Items.DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE.getDefaultInstance())) { return false; } return true; } }   If you spawn a zombie while holding the iron chest plate, it will ignore you. However, if you don't have the chest plate, you become a target for the zombie. And if you switch to the iron chest plate again, You will continue to be a target for the zombies. (Ideally you want to be untargeted.)   supplementary information minecraft version 1.16.3 minecraft forge version 1.16.3     I have looked into various things and tried, but I can't seem to solve the problem and I am having trouble. Please help me out.     A similar move is the pig. If you hold a carrot, or a fishing rod with a carrot, the pig will follow the player. But what I would like to implement is an even faster switch. In this case, the moment you hold the chest plate in your hand, it is released from the target. Once the chest plate is removed from the hand, the player becomes the target, just like the existing movement. The moment you hold the chest plate in your hand again, you are released from the target.    
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