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[1.14.4] Replacing Flint And Steel


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In 1.14.4 the code that decides if a nether portal should open or not is contained within the flint and steel class.


I am wondering if there is a way to deregister the flint and steel item then reregister it still under minecraft using my class

I have tried making an anonymous subclass but the method I need to change is a protected static. So it wont just let me

override that method.


I want to do this because I am trying to change how nether portal's work and I need full control of this method.

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I should have been more clear basically what I want to do is if you look inside the flint and steel class where it says "== Blocks.OBSIDIAN" I want to change that to if it is in a tag called nether_portal_blocks that I will create I want to add a bunch of blocks that can also be used to create a nether portal

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Yea so what I think you can do is create an item, like "MyModdedFlintAndSteel" in your mod, then basically verbatim copy the flint and steel class from Minecraft, adjust i as you wish.


Then create a public static boolean method called "isNetherPortalBlock" with a Block or BlockState as a parameter. then just create like an array/list/arraylist with all of your blocks, Just iterate though the array/list and return true if the block matches.


Finally just replace the crafting recipe of flint and steel to return your modded flint and steel.


Is that kind of what you are looking for? Sorry if it isn't, I might have a disconnect on something.

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2 hours ago, CrimsonDawn45 said:

but the method I need to change is a protected static. So it wont just let me

override that method.

Yes. You would need to change it another way. Intercepting the item use events is probably able to achieve what you want.

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