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[1.15.1] How to register a EntityType with the DeferredRegister


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23 hours ago, DragonITA said:

Does the first parameter, the entity parameter, have to be or all three parameters?

You should pass in null as the entity type as you’re going to override the getType method to return your one

23 hours ago, DragonITA said:

I still have not understood how to override the function.

Just override “getType” like any other method. You can use an anonymous subclass if you want.


The only issue that I’ve found with this is that the spawn egg textures don’t get generated for your egg. I’m looking into this.

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If you still have problems with your SparnEgg, try this:

public class SupplierSpawnEggItem extends SpawnEggItem
    private RegistryObject<?> supplier;
    public SupplierSpawnEggItem(EntityType<?> typeIn, RegistryObject<?> supplierIn, int primaryColorIn, int secondaryColorIn, Properties builder)
        super(typeIn, primaryColorIn, secondaryColorIn, builder);
        supplier = supplierIn;
    public EntityType<?> getType(CompoundNBT p_208076_1_)
        return (EntityType<?>) supplier.get();

This custom SpawnEgg-class works fine for me.

Textures and colors work too.

Edited by Drachenbauer
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@DrachenbauerOk, for placing a entity you need a spawnegg. Cadiboo has make a method to create, register and use Spawnegggs but that are registered with the deferredregister. But the Problem with the DeferredRegister is that when you are trying to place the entity then the game crash and it say you that the RegistryObject was not found (RegistryObject = Your entity). This was caused because the egg was registered before the entity, so when you use the egg you spawn null and it cause a crash. Now the other part of the code is to make that when you use the Spawnegg, that you are sure that the entity was before registered, so that when you spawn it it not cause a game crash.

Edited by DragonITA

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My much slimmer code, that i posted above, can do that too.


Ad cadiboo´s version:

is there something about using spawneggs in a redstone-dispenser?


I just wonder, about this part:

        public static void initUnaddedEggs() {
		final Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem> EGGS = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(SpawnEggItem.class, null, "field_195987_b");
		DefaultDispenseItemBehavior defaultDispenseItemBehavior = new DefaultDispenseItemBehavior() {
			public ItemStack dispenseStack(IBlockSource source, ItemStack stack) {
				Direction direction = source.getBlockState().get(DispenserBlock.FACING);
				EntityType<?> entitytype = ((SpawnEggItem) stack.getItem()).getType(stack.getTag());
				entitytype.spawn(source.getWorld(), stack, null, source.getBlockPos().offset(direction), SpawnReason.DISPENSER, direction != Direction.UP, false);
				return stack;
		for (final SpawnEggItem egg : UNADDED_EGGS) {
			EGGS.put(egg.getType(null), egg);
			DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(egg, defaultDispenseItemBehavior);
			// ItemColors for each spawn egg don't need to be registered because this method is called before ItemColors is created


I tested to put my egg into the dispenser, but only the egg came out.


But this happens with all my mod-ones, also the ones, that still are registered the old way, too...



Now i got the new one to work in a dispenser.

Now i know, this method makes it able to spawn the entity out of the disbenser.


And for the two constructors:

When do you get an Entity type in a NonNullSupplier?

With DeferredRegister, you put them always into a RegistryObject.


And instead of using this thing called "Lazy", you also can put them into separate fields and use a boolean to choose one in the getType method.

The boolean is set to true in one constructor and false in the other.


Another question:

Why do the creators of minecraft never change the order of register entity and item?



Now i modifyed the constructors a bit:

I removed the EntityType parameters from the constructor-headers and pass directly "null" to the superconstructor.

So i could remove the "null" from my registry lines for the eggs.

Edited by Drachenbauer
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    • Hello. I am trying to add custom ores. Everything seems to be called and executed (when print statements are added), but nothing changes in game. I had it working in 1.16, but not in 1.17. I changed some of it to work with the new forge version, and it compiles without errors, but nothing changes in game. Any help figuring this out is appreciated.   Code: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber public class OreGeneration { public static ImmutableList<TargetBlockState> ORE_TARGET_LIST; public static final ArrayList<ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>> overworldOres = new ArrayList<ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>>(); public static void registerOres(){ ORE_TARGET_LIST = ImmutableList.of(OreConfiguration.target(Predicates.NATURAL_STONE, Blocks.STONE.defaultBlockState())); overworldOres.add(register("tin_ore_block", Feature.ORE.configured(new OreConfiguration(ORE_TARGET_LIST, 5)) .rangeUniform(VerticalAnchor.absolute(0), VerticalAnchor.absolute(48)) .squared() .count(20) )); } private static <FC extends FeatureConfiguration> ConfiguredFeature<FC, ?> register(String name, ConfiguredFeature<FC, ?> configuredFeature) { return Registry.register(BuiltinRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE, new ResourceLocation(Extras.MODID, name), configuredFeature); } @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.HIGHEST) public static void registerBiomeModification(BiomeLoadingEvent event) { BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder generation = event.getGeneration(); for(ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> ore : overworldOres){ if (ore != null) { generation.getFeatures(Decoration.UNDERGROUND_ORES).add(() -> { return ore; }); } } } }
    • you haven't, you still store the ModEventBus in a static Field and you register the Renderer of your Entity in FMLCommonSetupEvent and not in FMLClientSetupEvent Edit: you still use static initializer for your EntityTypes, I would recommend you to look again at the basics for the Registry System: FCW or the Forge doc
    • post debug log, if you use java 17 downgrade to java 16, since at the moment not supported by Forge
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