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Why "ä", "ö", "ü" and "ß" appear as "�" in my german language?


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after compiling my mod and run it in my normal game, I noticed, that in my mod "ä", "ö", "ü" and "ß" appear as "�" in the german language.

In other mods, i run in my game, theese letters appear correct.

Must i change something in my mod to make them look right?

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In your first line, you say, that my files should be encoded properly as UTF-8.

And in your seccond line is, what i made now.


So i thaught, the first thing, you sayd is the target to reach, and the link is the instruction, how to do it.

you sayd nothing else about how to encode them to this.

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but you didn´t say how to encode them into this state, if not.

So i thaught, your seccond instruction is how to do it.


So how do i encode them now?

I have alot of json-files:

languages, blockstates, block models, item models, recipes and loot-tables.

all together more than 500 files.

should i encode them all, or only the languages, wich use this letters?

If all, how can i do it fast

It may take alot of time to encode them all one by one...



i found a powershell-script, that did the job for me.

After running it, i used the build command and placed the mod in my game again and now all names look right, no more " � ".

thanks for your tipps.

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Now i spotted somthing weird (not a problem to solve, my mod works fine, just my interest):


if i open the json-file in Eclipse, theese letters are replaced with weird signs.

But if i open it in the txt-editor, everything looks correct.


why this?

Edited by Drachenbauer
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2 minutes ago, Drachenbauer said:

I mean how can i make eclipse show it as "Ä" in the code, too

I don't know of something that does this. Even IntelliJ, which has some advanced code-folding features, does not offer this.


You should not need unicode escapes. Format your files in the proper encoding and you can use the normal characters.


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Hey Dragon Slayer, I have the same problem with the translation to croatian in my mod (croatian specific letters look wierd ingame), so I if you could please explain to me how did you fix the problem?


I am using 1.16.1 forge build 32.0.75 on eclipse.


Thanks in advance!

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