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1.15.2 how do i render my own player-model?

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I have this to cancel the common player-model:

        public static void onRenderPlayer(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event)

What exectly most i add below the cancel-line to render my own player-model?

And how can i create a set of buttons to switch between the official model and my own ones?

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RenderPlayerEvent gives you access to the following fields:  

    public PlayerRenderer getRenderer()
    public float getPartialRenderTick()
    public MatrixStack getMatrixStack()
    public IRenderTypeBuffer getBuffers()
    public int getLight()

These should be more than enough to do your own rendering.  
Using these is basically the same as any other custom entity renderer.

PM's regarding modding questions should belong in the Modder Support sub-forum and won't be answered.

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You can for example look at PlayerRenderer and see what methods it provides.  
For example it has a method called getEntityModel which looks interesting.

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PM's regarding modding questions should belong in the Modder Support sub-forum and won't be answered.

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this method is not compatible with my model...

How do i extend PlayerModel, without using any model-boxes, it already provides?

I only want to use the model-boxes, wich i add in my own custom PlayerModel-class. 


Sorry, i didn´t see your answer, as i edited my previous post to this...

i had the post-editor open for a while, as i did other stuff.

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Now i extendet Playermoder and my bodyparts start with lines like:

bipedHead = new ModelRenderer(this);

does this create a clean, empty instance of this part, where only mx new boxes are added to?


And how do i hide the body-, arms- and leg-parts of armour, even if i wear theese items?

This is for the seccond variant:

A model as a classic Angry Bird.

They are not much more than a bird-head with some outstanding feathers, so they can only wear head-wear.

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How does vanilla do it when you’re sneaking/flying/crawling? Also the model is just for rendering. It doesn’t control the size of the entity

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I just want to know, how to change the boundingbox-size of the player.

I just sayd, that i want to fit it to the size of my new model, not that i think, i have to do it in the model.

I don´t know, how the code for sneaking/flying/crawling can help me here...


And i still don´t know, how i keep the armour hidden, even if i wear it

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