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Custom Structures Generation in 1.14.4


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1 hour ago, zenek1290 said:

Hi, recently I was looking for some Strucutre Generation Tutorial for 1.14.4, but sadly there is none. 1.14.4 Structure Generation is totally different from 1.12.2. Can You guys help me with this?

Try by see the Vanilla code.

New in Modding? == Still learning!

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Looking at your code, your structure piece does not add anything, and the chunks for your structure to spawn in is set to null. I suggest looking at vanilla structures as reference. As for your registries, the structures aren't registered in a valid way, I'd recommend looking at either event registries, deferred register, or object holder registries as a way to register your objects.

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Ok, this is what I came up to.






Good is that I finally was able to register my structure.

Structure is still not generating in overworld.

And I still got this Info in console,


[16:54:30] [Client thread/DEBUG] [ne.mi.re.ObjectHolderRef/]: Unable to lookup examplemod:cube_structure for public static net.minecraft.world.gen.feature.structure.Structure com.example.examplemod.world.gen.ModStructureTypes.CUBE_STRUCTURE. This means the object wasn't registered. It's likely just mod options.


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Did you work this out?


From what I can tell, the main reason you aren't adding anything to the world, is that no code exists in your Piece to actually add blocks.


Have a look at SwampHutPiece, or the IglooPieces (The later uses the TemplateStructurePiece)..




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