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Noob! Help! Dragon mod


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Hello everyone

Sorry to be such a noob. I am brand new to minecraft mods and trying to set things up for my kids. They really wanted a Dragons themes mod like Yow to Train Your Dragon movies or something similar where you raise\train\ride\fight dragons and stuff. We are using a hand-me-down Mac with OS10.12.6


To show I did try some things LOL

We have Minecraft 1.15.2 and installed the same forge version. Then I searched the mods site and only found Dragons Fire and Ice 1.12 to seem to be a full realm experience. Downloaded and put that in the Mods folder but then when I opened forge, an error message said I needed to open Minecraft in 1.12.2 and install Forge 1.12.2

So I deleted the other forge version and its folders (as well as 1.12.2) and then installed Forge 1.12.2 again. Now when I load forge it just crashes before loading anything. 


I would really appreciate how to fix this so we can run that mod or even ideas on another full mod with dragons and stuff (like where is the HTTYD one)


Thanks in advance for putting up with my noob status. Hope you have a good laugh and can help us :D


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