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[1.14.4] Block Special Renderer

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What I want is not a TileEntitySpecialRender, but a renderer for my block. A TileEntity is overkill and would only result in unnecessary lag as it will be used as a building block, a special render on the client for my block would suffice. My question is how I would go about that in 1.14, from creating a rendering class and attaching it to the client to tell it to render this on my block.

This cannot be done with JSON files as far as I can tell. This render needs to be dynamic with animations and such, a lighting bolt coming off of it from time to time for example.

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Regarding "unnecessary lag": if the sole reason for a tile entity is for rendering, your TE does not need to tick and thus won't produce any lag.


Technically, the presence of any tile entities in a chunk mean a little more work to load the chunk, but if you have enough instances of your TE in a chunk to cause loading performance issues, then you probably also have enough to murder client performance with all the rendering that's going on.


tl;dr non-ticking tile entities produce zero lag unless you grossly abuse the feature.

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