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(BLOCKBENCH) Can't animate mobs?! help!


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I seem to not be able to open the animation workspace when I'm in the modded entity creator. When I convert the project into a free model however, this problem seems to not be there. I have made the entire animation in free modeling and now it doesn't let me export it. please help. for those who are curious here is the model in question.


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Nope doesn' work, do you know somewhere I could export it to and animate it there? I tried Tabula, Cinema 3d, Blender, and all of them either can't export a compatible format for MCreator or can't be imported in in the first place. Should any of those programs have worked and I'm missing something or should I just try something else?

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Pretty sure you have to do the animations of entities in the code. BlockBench will export the Java class for you, which is helpful. 

I am not familiar with MCreator, and whether you can import from BlockBench into it, I would imagine that they have their own animation format under the hood. 

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