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We need forge for Minecraft bedrock!!


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Many people on Minecraft bedrock was waiting for something similar to forge (that already exists) but that app is nota the base Game just an variation of Minecraft and it's just for cellphones not for all the actual platforms so please do something, we don't want limitations on Minecraft bedrock we want actual modding so we can blown up our imagination

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Reasons Forge isn't coming to Bedrock:


  • Bedrock is written in C++, which is much harder to decompile than Java
  • Bedrock runs on Xbox 1, PS4, and Switch. Inserting Forge's code onto a console is even harder (Console makers hate homebrew)
  • Furthermore, the decompiled code is nearly impossible to make sense of (or deobfuscate) so modders won't know what they're doing

Well there you go. Unless Mojang makes Minecraft open-source, Bedrock modding is very, very, very, very hard to do.

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