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[1.15.2] Join the minecraft thread from another thread


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I have two thread : The first one is the one of minecraft, the second one is async thread that I created to do something on the web.

I would like that when the second thread is done, the first thread execute a method ( and not the second thread because minecraft really doesn't like when you use method using another thread).

Before the second thread ended, the first thread must continue working.

Does anyone have any idea of how to do that please ?


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You could consider using the packet receiving system to do that.

Any time a packet is received, it is in a network thread.  The network thread creates a Runnable lambda which is then executed in either the client thread or the server thread.

Some more info here:



There's probably a way for your second thread to add your own Runnable lambda to those queues without using packets.


Alternatively, you could perhaps subscribe to a Tick event on the server or the client, and every tick check your second thread to see whether it has finished executing or not.



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13 hours ago, TheGreyGhost said:

There's probably a way for your second thread to add your own Runnable lambda to those queues without using packets.

There is.

Various elements in Minecraft extend the ThreadTaskExecutor class, which in turn implements Executor and thus lets you run arbitrary Runnables (or even use CompletableFuture).

For the client side thread that would be the Minecraft instance, for the server it would be MinecraftServer.

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Well I tried :

Minecraft.getInstance().runImmediately(new Runnable() {
	public void run() {
		MultiPlayerGui.this.minecraft.displayGuiScreen(new ConnectingScreen(MultiPlayerGui.this, MultiPlayerGui.this.minecraft, server));

And it's really weird...

In my console, I receive everything from the server chat. But on my game, it's stuck on loading the terrain infinitely !!!

MultiPlayerGui is my custome class but the rest is not..

I don't undersant why O_o

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7 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Any reason you are using runImmediately? Whats the thread that this is called from?

A thread that I created to check for my server's information.
If I use the screen directly from my thread, minecraft will crash..

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