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[MOVED][1.12.2]Basic Custom Mod not Functioning


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So I'm new to modding, and honestly don't intend on doing more than this little project. I've got a basic understanding of general coding, and through tutorials and forum help, I think I have the basic mod framework and an example of the methods I want written up in Eclipse.

My issue is that while the code in Eclipse has no errors, and the mod is recognized in the test game environment, the behaviour I'm trying to achieve just isn't occurring. Being very new to Java, my best guess is that the ClientProxy I set up following the tutorial is missing something I need, since the tutorial set it up including a "ModelLoader" function, which I assume was related to adding an item into the game, which the tutorial was working towards as a first lesson (which I completed successfully, but removed the resources and the code related to adding the item, besides what's in ClientProxy and CommonProxy since that's what I'm wondering about).

(Edit) Here's my github:


Everything besides the "CustomEvent" class was set up AFAIK as a basic mod framework from a tutorial, possibly with a few things (like ModelLoader) included for adding items. The actual behaviour I'm trying to achieve through CustomEvent is to check the player's held pickaxe against a required pickaxe when mining a given block, canceling the BreakEvent if it doesn't match, and allowing it if it does match.

(Edit) Also ignore the "Tutorial Mod 2" in the Reference, I had copied over the code in a new workspace to make it clean for posting, and missed a spot.

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