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Where are the basic color values coded?


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In my lines there i use the clear names DyeColor and WHITE.

I taught, maybe i have to use the SRG-Names for theese things, too, in the positions for class and instance in the code-line...


But maybe not, because it don´t want theese names as a string, like the fieldname.


Another thing, yout discord-link stucks on connecting (a black page with a rotating discord-logo)...

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Now i have theese lines for all 15 colors.


Is this all i need to show all this stuff in the new colors?


Now i found the class MaterialColors, where i als want to change fields now.

What must i put there as the class-instance?



The colors of banners and stuff are not changed now.

What else must i do, to make it work?

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20 minutes ago, Drachenbauer said:

Is this all i need to show all this stuff in the new colors?

I don't know. Have you checked?


20 minutes ago, Drachenbauer said:

Now i found the class MaterialColors, where i als want to change fields now.

What must i put there as the class-instance?

Are you serious? Use your IDE to find where new instances are created. It is not hard.

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I made a test, but the banners, sheeps and other stuff still appear in old colors.

I tried the code in common-setup and client-registries in my main-class, both the same.


Now my lines look like this:

        ObfuscationReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(DyeColor.class, DyeColor.RED, 0xff0000, "field_193351_w"); //colorvalue
        ObfuscationReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(DyeColor.class, DyeColor.RED, 0xff0000, "field_196067_y"); //fireworkColor
        ObfuscationReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(DyeColor.class, DyeColor.RED, 0xff0000, "field_218390_z"); //textColor

Such a stack for each color.


And for the material-color, i found out, that the colors there are such class-instances, zoo.

So i was able to make this:

ObfuscationReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(MaterialColor.class, MaterialColor.RED, 0xff0000, "field_76291_p");//colorvalue

also for all theese 16 colors and terracotta-colors. (there are some more values, but i don´t want to change them.)


What do i miss, to get this stuff to work?

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i decided to watch a video, how to use the debugger, than try this, and than tell more here.

Like the guy in the video, i made a breakpoint at the first one of theese lines and clicked the debug-button, but it does not stop there.


in other mods, other code, located in common-setup and client-registries is executed.

So i´m wondering about this.

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Now i finally found the solution:

i remembered, that there is a calculation for colorComponentValues.

i placed it in a function in my main-class and passed the result of this function into another reflection-line for each color, that uses the field colorComponentValues.

now the game-stuff appears in the new colors.

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Now i noticed, there seems to be a slightly different shader, if the color comes from a texture pnr or from a colorvalue-number in the code:


The leather-armour is dyed with the new shade of pink, i gave with my mod-code.

And in my skin png (Stella from Angry Birds) i used the same color value for the pink color.

So i wonder, why it looks different on almost horizontal surfaces (like the character´s face, if looking upward, like in the upper picture or the top of the body-ModelBox)


in this more vertical orientation, you can see, that the lighter pink in the middie of th helmet-front is exctly the same as at the face of the character.

And directly below the head, you can see the different shading between body and armour again


another sample:

bed and banner


In this bed-texture png i also used the same shade of pink and the banner get´s it´s color from my mod-code.

both models are TileEntity models

The same difference at the horizontal surfaces (the narrow top of the banner looks closer to white, than the top of the bed).


Why it makes a difference there, if the color comes from the texture or from a value in the code?

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if (flag && (id == 1 || id == 2)) { worldIn.setBlockState(pos, state.with(EXTENDED, Boolean.valueOf(true)), 2); return false; } if (!flag && id == 0) { return false; } } if (id == 0) { if (net.minecraftforge.event.ForgeEventFactory.onPistonMovePre(worldIn, pos, direction, true)) return false; if (!this.doMove(worldIn, pos, direction, true)) { return false; } worldIn.setBlockState(pos, state.with(EXTENDED, Boolean.valueOf(true)), 67); worldIn.playSound((PlayerEntity)null, pos, SoundEvents.BLOCK_PISTON_EXTEND, SoundCategory.BLOCKS, 0.5F, worldIn.rand.nextFloat() * 0.25F + 0.6F); } else if (id == 1 || id == 2) { if (net.minecraftforge.event.ForgeEventFactory.onPistonMovePre(worldIn, pos, direction, false)) return false; TileEntity tileentity1 = worldIn.getTileEntity(pos.offset(direction)); if (tileentity1 instanceof HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity) { ((HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity)tileentity1).clearPistonTileEntity(); } BlockState blockstate = Blocks.MOVING_PISTON.getDefaultState().with(MovingPistonBlock.FACING, direction).with(MovingPistonBlock.TYPE, PistonType.STICKY); worldIn.setBlockState(pos, blockstate, 20); worldIn.setTileEntity(pos, new HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity(this.getDefaultState().with(FACING, Direction.byIndex(param & 7)), direction, false, true)); worldIn.func_230547_a_(pos, blockstate.getBlock()); blockstate.updateNeighbours(worldIn, pos, 2); if (this.isSticky) { BlockPos blockpos = pos.add(direction.getXOffset() * 2, direction.getYOffset() * 2, direction.getZOffset() * 2); BlockState blockstate1 = worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos); boolean flag1 = false; if (blockstate1.isIn(Blocks.MOVING_PISTON)) { TileEntity tileentity = worldIn.getTileEntity(blockpos); if (tileentity instanceof HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity) { HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity pistontileentity = (HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity)tileentity; if (pistontileentity.getFacing() == direction && pistontileentity.isExtending()) { pistontileentity.clearPistonTileEntity(); flag1 = true; } } } if (!flag1) { if (id != 1 || blockstate1.isAir() || !canPush(blockstate1, worldIn, blockpos, direction.getOpposite(), false, direction) || blockstate1.getPushReaction() != PushReaction.NORMAL && !blockstate1.isIn(BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON.get())) { worldIn.removeBlock(pos.offset(direction), false); } else { this.doMove(worldIn, pos, direction, false); } } } else { worldIn.removeBlock(pos.offset(direction), false); } worldIn.playSound((PlayerEntity)null, pos, SoundEvents.BLOCK_PISTON_CONTRACT, SoundCategory.BLOCKS, 0.5F, worldIn.rand.nextFloat() * 0.15F + 0.6F); } net.minecraftforge.event.ForgeEventFactory.onPistonMovePost(worldIn, pos, direction, (id == 0)); return true; } //Static method weirdness? might need to remove because it's not polymorphic public static boolean canPush(BlockState blockStateIn, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, Direction facing, boolean destroyBlocks, Direction direction) { if (pos.getY() >= 0 && pos.getY() <= worldIn.getHeight() - 1 && worldIn.getWorldBorder().contains(pos)) { if (blockStateIn.isAir()) { return true; } else if (!blockStateIn.isIn(Blocks.OBSIDIAN) && !blockStateIn.isIn(Blocks.CRYING_OBSIDIAN) && !blockStateIn.isIn(Blocks.RESPAWN_ANCHOR)) { if (facing == Direction.DOWN && pos.getY() == 0) { return false; } else if (facing == Direction.UP && pos.getY() == worldIn.getHeight() - 1) { return false; } else { if (!blockStateIn.isIn(Blocks.PISTON) && !blockStateIn.isIn(Blocks.STICKY_PISTON) && !blockStateIn.isIn(BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON.get())) { if (blockStateIn.getBlockHardness(worldIn, pos) == -1.0F) { return false; } switch(blockStateIn.getPushReaction()) { case BLOCK: return false; case DESTROY: return destroyBlocks; case PUSH_ONLY: return facing == direction; } } else if (blockStateIn.get(EXTENDED)) { return false; } return !blockStateIn.hasTileEntity(); } } else { return false; } } else { return false; } } private boolean doMove(World worldIn, BlockPos pos, Direction directionIn, boolean extending) { BlockPos blockpos = pos.offset(directionIn); if (!extending && worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos).isIn(BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON_HEAD.get())) { worldIn.setBlockState(blockpos, Blocks.AIR.getDefaultState(), 20); } PistonBlockStructureHelper pistonblockstructurehelper = new PistonBlockStructureHelper(worldIn, pos, directionIn, extending); if (!pistonblockstructurehelper.canMove()) { return false; } else { Map<BlockPos, BlockState> map = Maps.newHashMap(); List<BlockPos> list = pistonblockstructurehelper.getBlocksToMove(); List<BlockState> list1 = Lists.newArrayList(); for(int i = 0; i < list.size(); ++i) { BlockPos blockpos1 = list.get(i); BlockState blockstate = worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos1); list1.add(blockstate); map.put(blockpos1, blockstate); } List<BlockPos> list2 = pistonblockstructurehelper.getBlocksToDestroy(); BlockState[] ablockstate = new BlockState[list.size() + list2.size()]; Direction direction = extending ? directionIn : directionIn.getOpposite(); int j = 0; for(int k = list2.size() - 1; k >= 0; --k) { BlockPos blockpos2 = list2.get(k); BlockState blockstate1 = worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos2); TileEntity tileentity = blockstate1.hasTileEntity() ? worldIn.getTileEntity(blockpos2) : null; spawnDrops(blockstate1, worldIn, blockpos2, tileentity); worldIn.setBlockState(blockpos2, Blocks.AIR.getDefaultState(), 18); ablockstate[j++] = blockstate1; } for(int l = list.size() - 1; l >= 0; --l) { BlockPos blockpos3 = list.get(l); BlockState blockstate5 = worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos3); blockpos3 = blockpos3.offset(direction); map.remove(blockpos3); worldIn.setBlockState(blockpos3, Blocks.MOVING_PISTON.getDefaultState().with(FACING, directionIn), 68); worldIn.setTileEntity(blockpos3, new HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity(list1.get(l), directionIn, extending, false)); ablockstate[j++] = blockstate5; } if (extending) { PistonType pistontype = PistonType.STICKY; BlockState blockstate4 = BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON_HEAD.get().getDefaultState().with(HoneyStickyPistonHeadBlock.FACING, directionIn).with(HoneyStickyPistonHeadBlock.TYPE, pistontype); BlockState blockstate6 = Blocks.MOVING_PISTON.getDefaultState().with(MovingPistonBlock.FACING, directionIn).with(MovingPistonBlock.TYPE, PistonType.STICKY); map.remove(blockpos); worldIn.setBlockState(blockpos, blockstate6, 68); worldIn.setTileEntity(blockpos, new HoneyStickyPistonTileEntity(blockstate4, directionIn, true, true)); } BlockState blockstate3 = Blocks.AIR.getDefaultState(); for(BlockPos blockpos4 : map.keySet()) { worldIn.setBlockState(blockpos4, blockstate3, 82); } for(Entry<BlockPos, BlockState> entry : map.entrySet()) { BlockPos blockpos5 = entry.getKey(); BlockState blockstate2 = entry.getValue(); blockstate2.updateDiagonalNeighbors(worldIn, blockpos5, 2); blockstate3.updateNeighbours(worldIn, blockpos5, 2); blockstate3.updateDiagonalNeighbors(worldIn, blockpos5, 2); } j = 0; for(int i1 = list2.size() - 1; i1 >= 0; --i1) { BlockState blockstate7 = ablockstate[j++]; BlockPos blockpos6 = list2.get(i1); blockstate7.updateDiagonalNeighbors(worldIn, blockpos6, 2); worldIn.notifyNeighborsOfStateChange(blockpos6, blockstate7.getBlock()); } for(int j1 = list.size() - 1; j1 >= 0; --j1) { worldIn.notifyNeighborsOfStateChange(list.get(j1), ablockstate[j++].getBlock()); } if (extending) { worldIn.notifyNeighborsOfStateChange(blockpos, BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON_HEAD.get()); } return true; } } @Override public PushReaction getPushReaction(BlockState state) { return PushReaction.NORMAL; } } Piston Head Block: public class HoneyStickyPistonHeadBlock extends PistonHeadBlock{ private static final VoxelShape[] EXTENDED_SHAPES = getShapesForExtension(true); private static final VoxelShape[] UNEXTENDED_SHAPES = getShapesForExtension(false); private static VoxelShape[] getShapesForExtension(boolean extended) { return Arrays.stream(Direction.values()).map((direction) -> { return getShapeForDirection(direction, extended); }).toArray((id) -> { return new VoxelShape[id]; }); } private static VoxelShape getShapeForDirection(Direction direction, boolean shortArm) { switch(direction) { case DOWN: default: return VoxelShapes.or(PISTON_EXTENSION_DOWN_AABB, shortArm ? SHORT_DOWN_ARM_AABB : DOWN_ARM_AABB); case UP: return VoxelShapes.or(PISTON_EXTENSION_UP_AABB, shortArm ? SHORT_UP_ARM_AABB : UP_ARM_AABB); case NORTH: return VoxelShapes.or(PISTON_EXTENSION_NORTH_AABB, shortArm ? SHORT_NORTH_ARM_AABB : NORTH_ARM_AABB); case SOUTH: return VoxelShapes.or(PISTON_EXTENSION_SOUTH_AABB, shortArm ? SHORT_SOUTH_ARM_AABB : SOUTH_ARM_AABB); case WEST: return VoxelShapes.or(PISTON_EXTENSION_WEST_AABB, shortArm ? SHORT_WEST_ARM_AABB : WEST_ARM_AABB); case EAST: return VoxelShapes.or(PISTON_EXTENSION_EAST_AABB, shortArm ? SHORT_EAST_ARM_AABB : EAST_ARM_AABB); } } public HoneyStickyPistonHeadBlock(AbstractBlock.Properties properties) { super(properties); this.setDefaultState(this.stateContainer.getBaseState().with(FACING, Direction.NORTH).with(TYPE, PistonType.STICKY).with(SHORT, Boolean.valueOf(false))); } @Override //Nothing changed, may not be necessary public VoxelShape getShape(BlockState state, IBlockReader worldIn, BlockPos pos, ISelectionContext context) { return (state.get(SHORT) ? EXTENDED_SHAPES : UNEXTENDED_SHAPES)[state.get(FACING).ordinal()]; } private boolean isExtended(BlockState baseState, BlockState extendedState) { return extendedState.isIn(BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON.get()) && extendedState.get(HoneyStickyPistonBlock.EXTENDED) && extendedState.get(FACING) == baseState.get(FACING); } @Override //Nothing changed, may not be necessary public void onBlockHarvested(World worldIn, BlockPos pos, BlockState state, PlayerEntity player) { if (!worldIn.isRemote && player.abilities.isCreativeMode) { BlockPos blockpos = pos.offset(state.get(FACING).getOpposite()); if (this.isExtended(state, worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos))) { worldIn.destroyBlock(blockpos, false); } } super.onBlockHarvested(worldIn, pos, state, player); } @Override //Nothing changed, may not be necessary public boolean isValidPosition(BlockState state, IWorldReader worldIn, BlockPos pos) { BlockState blockstate = worldIn.getBlockState(pos.offset(state.get(FACING).getOpposite())); return this.isExtended(state, blockstate) || blockstate.isIn(Blocks.MOVING_PISTON) && blockstate.get(FACING) == state.get(FACING); } @Override public ItemStack getItem(IBlockReader worldIn, BlockPos pos, BlockState state) { return new ItemStack(BlockInit.HONEY_STICKY_PISTON.get()); } }  
    • ive been trying to install forge 1.18.1 for 2 days now and with no success and i want to ask can some one upload their .minecraft folder with installed forge 1.18.1 ?
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