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How do i make a custom slab block rotateable around it´s vertical axis?


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I´m creating a slab out of glazed terracotta and want to make it show the following placing-behavior:

it should show a horizontal rotated model matching to the player´s view-direction, combined with the common way to choose up or down or double-slab-variant.

My blockstate-json is ready (It holds all possible combinations of direction and slab-type = 12 variants).

But i have a problem with the new class, that extends SlabBlock.

How must i setup the getStateForPlacement function for this?



I founfd the solution:

At fitst i applied the horizontal rotation, as i did it as the only blockstate in another mod.

Now i found out, that i hat to copx the content of getStateForPlacement and added the rotation to the two blockstate-defiition-lines in there.

Now it works.


But now i have a question about stairs out of glazed terracotta:

Is there any way for the player to choose model-rotation and texture rotation separate?

It maybe able to add more model jsons to cover all combinations of shape and texture-rotation (24 models instead of 3) and apply them all to different blockstate-combinations in the blockstate-json.

But i´m not sure, how the player can handle all theese variants ingame...

Ani idea?

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