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Hi, I reciently got Minecraft for PC and I’m having a lot of fun with it, but one of the issues I noticed is that not all the mods are updated to the latest version of Minecraft, so I came up with the idea of a program that could update or downgrade the mods depending of the preferences of the user, so that the mod developers only need to program one version of the mod and the program should do the rest of the work, I hope you read this.


I will appreciate your feedback.


Thank you.





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That cool but let me answer you with another question: How would you go about implementing this?

Most likely you'll give up by the time that you realize each mods are vastly different both in structure and execution. If that's not enough then you somehow need to take into account that with the parts of forge changes per update. Just not possible in practice.


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When they say your code doesn't follow convention but ur edgy so u dont care

d-d-d-dab on them haterz


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