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How can i make walls only connect to other walls of the same type and solid blocks?


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I created some walls out of the colorful materials concrete, wool, terracotta and glazed terracotta.

They now connect to all other wall-blocks, no matter, wich typr they are.

How can i make them only connect to identical wall-pieces (for sample yellow concrete only to another yellow concrete wall) and solid blocks?

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I found a solution, bevore i saw your answer:

I made my own wall-block, that extends the vanilla one and added theese functions:

    private boolean isWall(BlockState state, BlockState facingState, boolean isSolid, Direction direction)
        Block block = state.getBlock();
        Block facingBlock = facingState.getBlock();
        boolean flag = (block.isIn(BlockTags.WALLS) && (block == facingBlock)) || (facingBlock instanceof FenceGateBlock && FenceGateBlock.isParallel(state, direction));
        return !cannotAttach(block) && isSolid || flag;
    public BlockState getStateForPlacement(BlockItemUseContext context)
        IWorldReader iworldreader = context.getWorld();
        BlockPos blockpos = context.getPos();
        BlockState blockstate = iworldreader.getBlockState(blockpos);
        IFluidState ifluidstate = context.getWorld().getFluidState(blockpos);
        BlockPos blockpos1 = blockpos.north();
        BlockPos blockpos2 = blockpos.east();
        BlockPos blockpos3 = blockpos.south();
        BlockPos blockpos4 = blockpos.west();
        BlockState blockstate1 = iworldreader.getBlockState(blockpos1);
        BlockState blockstate2 = iworldreader.getBlockState(blockpos2);
        BlockState blockstate3 = iworldreader.getBlockState(blockpos3);
        BlockState blockstate4 = iworldreader.getBlockState(blockpos4);
        boolean flag1 = this.isWall(blockstate, blockstate1, blockstate1.isSolidSide(iworldreader, blockpos1, Direction.SOUTH), Direction.SOUTH);
        boolean flag2 = this.isWall(blockstate, blockstate2, blockstate2.isSolidSide(iworldreader, blockpos2, Direction.WEST), Direction.WEST);
        boolean flag3 = this.isWall(blockstate, blockstate3, blockstate3.isSolidSide(iworldreader, blockpos3, Direction.NORTH), Direction.NORTH);
        boolean flag4 = this.isWall(blockstate, blockstate4, blockstate4.isSolidSide(iworldreader, blockpos4, Direction.EAST), Direction.EAST);
        boolean flag5 = (!flag1 || flag2 || !flag3 || flag4) && (flag1 || !flag2 || flag3 || !flag4);
        return this.getDefaultState().with(UP, Boolean.valueOf(flag5 || !iworldreader.isAirBlock(blockpos.up()))).with(NORTH, Boolean.valueOf(flag1)).with(EAST, Boolean.valueOf(flag2)).with(SOUTH, Boolean.valueOf(flag3)).with(WEST, Boolean.valueOf(flag4)).with(WATERLOGGED, Boolean.valueOf(ifluidstate.getFluid() == Fluids.WATER));
    public BlockState updatePostPlacement(BlockState state, Direction facing, BlockState facingState, IWorld world, BlockPos currentPos, BlockPos facingPos)
      if (state.get(WATERLOGGED)) {
         world.getPendingFluidTicks().scheduleTick(currentPos, Fluids.WATER, Fluids.WATER.getTickRate(world));

      if (facing == Direction.DOWN) {
         return super.updatePostPlacement(state, facing, facingState, world, currentPos, facingPos);
      } else {
         Direction direction = facing.getOpposite();
         boolean flag1 = facing == Direction.NORTH ? this.isWall(state, facingState, facingState.isSolidSide(world, facingPos, direction), direction) : state.get(NORTH);
         boolean flag2 = facing == Direction.EAST ? this.isWall(state, facingState, facingState.isSolidSide(world, facingPos, direction), direction) : state.get(EAST);
         boolean flag3 = facing == Direction.SOUTH ? this.isWall(state, facingState, facingState.isSolidSide(world, facingPos, direction), direction) : state.get(SOUTH);
         boolean flag4 = facing == Direction.WEST ? this.isWall(state, facingState, facingState.isSolidSide(world, facingPos, direction), direction) : state.get(WEST);
         boolean flag5 = (!flag1 || flag2 || !flag3 || flag4) && (flag1 || !flag2 || flag3 || !flag4);
         return state.with(UP, Boolean.valueOf(flag5 || !world.isAirBlock(currentPos.up()))).with(NORTH, Boolean.valueOf(flag1)).with(EAST, Boolean.valueOf(flag2)).with(SOUTH, Boolean.valueOf(flag3)).with(WEST, Boolean.valueOf(flag4));

the first one bases on a function, that still has the SRC-name in the vanilla-class.

It checfs for blocks in the walls-tag and fencegates.

i made it compare the type of wall, too and renamed it more clear.

so i also copyed and overrided the two functions, wich call it, too, and modifyed them to use my new function.

Edited by Drachenbauer
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