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[1.15.2] AttachCapabilitiesEvent not being fired?


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I was trying to add a capability, but for some reason, the AttachCapabilitiesEvent isn't being fired (checked with breakpoints). I checked multiple times but couldn't find anything wrong with my Event handler. Here is the relevant code:

@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(bus= Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.FORGE, modid=RubyMod.MODID)
public class ForgeRegistry {

    public static final ResourceLocation COMPUTER_STORAGE_CAP = new ResourceLocation(RubyMod.MODID, "computer_storage");

    public static void onAttachCapabilities(AttachCapabilitiesEvent<TileEntity> event) {
        event.addCapability(COMPUTER_STORAGE_CAP, new ComputerStorageProvider());



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21 minutes ago, deerangle said:

I was trying to add a capability, but for some reason, the AttachCapabilitiesEvent isn't being fired (checked with breakpoints).

When did you expect it to fire? It fires when a TileEntity is created. And it definitely fires. Also are you wanting to attach it to every TileEntity in the game because if you only want it on your TileEntities that is not how you do it.


I will be posting 1.15.2 modding tutorials on this channel. If you want to be notified of it do the normal YouTube stuff like subscribing, ect.

Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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23 minutes ago, Animefan8888 said:

When did you expect it to fire?

During initialization.


25 minutes ago, Ugdhar said:

I just checked using forge 1.15.2-31.1.46

I just updated my workspace from 31.1.45 to 31.1.46.

It's working now (fires when loading the world). I don't know if it was the version bump that fixed it, but probably It was not firing because I wasn't loading a world. Anyway, it's working now and I can access the capability.

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