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[1.15.2] Custom Point of Interest For Villigers

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I am trying to add my own Villiager.

In order to create its profession I also need to create its POI.

However, the constructor for PointOfIntrestType is private. Infact, 99% of the class is private. While I can use the differed registry to order things correctly, it obv creates an error when I try to instantiate the private class.

public static final RegistryObject<PointOfInterestType> MONEY_POI = POI.register("money_machine",
            // First #1 is the number of villigers who can use block at a time,
            () -> new PointOfInterestType("money_machine", getAllStates(MONEY_MACHINE.get()), 1, (SoundEvent) null, 1));

Above is how they are created, but, new PointOfInterestType is private.

Minecraft seems to create them with a function called func_226359_a_, however, this is also private. Has anyone got custom villagers working in 1.15.2?

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7 hours ago, Boy132 said:

I guess you need to make the constructor public with an access transformer.

Sounds great. No idea how it works tho, I've seen it work for private fields, but I have no idea how to make it work for constructiors.

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