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[1.15.1] Can I make recipes with mixed quantity?

Alex Sim

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Let's suppose I want to make a recipe with two items, a stackable one (eg: stick) and a non-stackable one (eg: plasma bucket)

1x plasma_bucket + 1x stick makes a plasma torch;

1x plasma_bucket + 64x stick makes 64 plasma torches


Is this behaviour possible with forge?

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13 hours ago, LexManos said:

If you make your own recipe type then sure, but the vanilla shaped/shapeless recipe book doesn't deal with stacks like this, so no.

Thank you, I did that, however I still have a small issue: the recipe result's stack size is not updated if I insert the items one-by-one, only if I insert the whole stack alltogether, any idea how to fix this?


Also I need to consume all of the ingredients' stack instead of one per ingredient


BTW I have overridden ShapedRecipe and only changed the method getCraftingResult as below


override fun getCraftingResult(inv: CraftingInventory): ItemStack {
    var count = 64
    for (i in 0 until inv.sizeInventory) {
        val stack = inv.getStackInSlot(i)
        if (!stack.isEmpty) count = min(count, if(stack.isStackable) stack.count else 64)
    return super.getCraftingResult(inv).apply {this.count = count}


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