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[1.15.2] [SOLVED] Creating Custom Recipes for own Crafting-System


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Hi Guys,

i've tried ~12 hours to understand how to create a own Crafting-System and Recipies for those but i still didn't got it.


Are there any helpful tutorials out there which i could read/hear/look to get a better understanding?


Greetings Skyriis

Edited by Skyriis
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I don't know of any tutorials which really lay it out for 1.15, but the Forge docs are helpful.

First thing you'll need is a class which implements IRecipe<C extends IInventory>. When you create the recipe JSON (i.e. a crafting table recipe), that JSON will get converted into one of these objects. All the JSON says is what should be used as inputs and what should be used as outputs. Your object is a code representation of that data, which provides methods for getting the input list, checking if a given inventory matches your crafting requirements, getting the result of the crafting, and so on.

Once you have that, you will need a factory which will take the provided JSON and convert it into your IRecipe object. The factory should extend ForgeRegistryEntry<IRecipeSerializer<?>> and implement IRecipeSerializer<((whatever your IRecipe class is))>. The factory will have methods for getting the recipe from either JSON or from the network, and will produce your IRecipe object.


I hope I've helped to clarify some. As I said, the docs are a great resource (when they actually have what you're looking for, that is), and a lot of what my code is based on what I've read from the docs, examples I've found online, or just trolling through Minecraft's code until I find what I'm looking for.

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