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(1.15.2) ItemRenderer and TransformType

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Hello everyone,


So, I'm question is about porting to 1.15.2. I would like to render an itemstack that is inside a tileentity. I'm using a TileEntityRenderer where I'm getting the ItemRenderer class from Minecraft.getInstance().getItemRenderer() and calling renderItem(), but the second parameter is a TransformType which is deprecated. What should I use instead? Currently, I'm setting it to TransformType.NONE.

Any help is appreciated :)

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Check out CampfireTileEntityRenderer vanilla class, it does the same thing.


The transform type is related to where the item is being rendered (eg in a GUI, in the player's hand, etc).  FIXED means in a picture frame.

https://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com/2020/04/item-rendering-1144.html has some more detailed info




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