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forge 1.16.1 Processor failed, invalid outputs


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I tried to install forge 1.16.1 for server but i got this "Processor failed" result. It's works fine when i installed in on client.


This is the installer log : 

Processor failed, invalid outputs:
      Expected: 6cbe49c4d26497791d1d511c2d3b7d1fa46fa2e9
      Actual:   3f1b64c684df16a25e6c44079b06ac12131db572
      Expected: 79ed2a48582a58ce917a04344c35c9c9abb557e2
      Actual:   501b61ed1857f6452fe36a5faaf1265d38999c6f


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Forge for 1.16.1 is in BETA. This means crashes and bugs are expected to occur while the Forge dev team is still fixing what got broken during the update.

While 1.16.1 is now in active development and support, it will be a few days/weeks until a stable/recommended release for Forge 1.16.x.

If you are wanting to test and find bugs, by all means please do so and report them to the issues tracker. But, if you're just wanting to play modded 1.16, please wait until Forge is out of beta once again, and until a recommended Forge version is released.

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