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Advancements completing no matter what dimension I go to.


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So, Ive been stuck on this for a few days and cannot figure out why this is happening. I have a tiered dimension system where you get to one dimension from the other. The advancements are in order. Whenever I change to any dimension, all my advancements that have a dimension change condition are completed. Ive rewritten it dozens of times, checked over other advancements for syntax issues, and I honestly cant figure it out. Ive even tried adding a biome requirement on top of it, but they still fire off. Here a screenshot of it happening https://i.imgur.com/Bve4DWD.gifv


Im lost with why this is happening. Here is an example of one of my advancements regarding the dimension Hyperlane. Each of the the 3 advancements specifically have a condition for the name of the dimension. It makes no sense why other dimensions are triggering them.


  "parent": "hyperl:hyperlane_gel_residue",
  "display": {
    "icon": {
      "item": "hyperl:hyperlane_staff"
    "title": {
      "translate": "advancements.hyperl.hyperlane_staff.title"
    "description": {
      "translate": "advancements.hyperl.hyperlane_staff.description"
    "frame": "challenge",
    "show_toast": true,
    "announce_to_chat": true,
    "hidden": false
  "criteria": {
    "entered_hyperlane": {
      "trigger": "minecraft:changed_dimension",
      "conditions": {
        "to": "hyperl:hyperlane"
  "requirements": [



To see the same looking files, here is my github for the advancements  https://github.com/cinderous/Hyperlane/tree/master/src/main/resources/data/hyperl/advancements

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27 minutes ago, Cinderous said:


// ChangeDimensionTrigger.class, MC version 1.15.2, mappings 20200514-1.15.1, L23 (partial)
DimensionType.byName(new ResourceLocation(JSONUtils.getString(json, "from")))

// DimensionType.class,  MC version 1.15.2, mappings 20200514-1.15.1, L102-105
public static DimensionType byName(ResourceLocation nameIn) {
    return Registry.DIMENSION_TYPE.getOrDefault(nameIn);

Use the registry name that you used in your DeferredRegister: "hyperl:hyperlane_dim"

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This is the main class where I set that


public static final ResourceLocation HYPERLANE_DIM_TYPE = new ResourceLocation(MOD_ID, "hyperlane");


And the deferred registry part in my registry handler

public static final RegistryObject<ModDimension> HYPERLANE_DIM = MOD_DIMENSIONS.register("hyperlane_dim", () -> new HyperlaneModDimension());



Ive tried using either of these, hyperlane or hyperlane_dim in the condition. Same thing. No matter what dimension, it activates.

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