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    • Looks like the error came from forgelin, might want to check that mods comments/issue tracker to see if there is a known issue with that version. Also pretty sure 1.12 mc/forge is not supported on here anymore. Read EAQ
    • Ok so this is from the first library. This is a library for multible mods. I did not  create any part of it, so I don't know what some parts.     public static Field findField(Class<?> clazz, String srg) { try { String remapped = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.remapName(srg); Field f = clazz.getDeclaredField(remapped); f.setAccessible(true); return f; } catch (Exception e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); } } The method remapName(INameMappingService.Domain, String) in the type ObfuscationReflectionHelper is not applicable for the arguments (String)   public IvWorldData(CompoundNBT compound, MCRegistry registry) { compound = compound.copy(); // Copy since ID fix tags are being removed when being applied final DataFixer fixer = DataFixesManager.getDataFixer(); blockCollection = new IvBlockCollection(compound.getCompound("blockCollection"), registry); tileEntities = new ArrayList<>(); tileEntities.addAll(NBTTagLists.compoundsFrom(compound, "tileEntities")); tileEntities.forEach(teCompound -> NBTStateInjector.recursivelyApply(teCompound, registry, false)); tileEntities.replaceAll(teCompound -> NBTUtil.update(fixer, TypeReferences.BLOCK_ENTITY, teCompound, 0)); entities = new ArrayList<>(); entities.addAll(NBTTagLists.compoundsFrom(compound, "entities")); entities.forEach(entityCompound -> NBTStateInjector.recursivelyApply(entityCompound, registry, false)); tileEntities.replaceAll(teCompound -> NBTUtil.update(fixer, TypeReferences.ENTITY, teCompound, 0)); } The method update(DataFixer, DefaultTypeReferences, CompoundNBT, int) in the type NBTUtil is not applicable for the arguments (DataFixer, DSL.TypeReference, CompoundNBT, int)   public static void moveEntityDefault(Entity entity, BlockPos dist) { if (entity instanceof EntityHanging) { EntityHanging entityHanging = (EntityHanging) entity; BlockPos hangingPosition = entityHanging.getHangingPosition().add(dist); entityHanging.setPosition(hangingPosition.getX(), hangingPosition.getY(), hangingPosition.getZ()); } else { entity.setPosition(entity.getPosX() + dist.getX(), entity.getPosY() + dist.getY(), entity.getPosZ() + dist.getZ()); } if (entity instanceof CreatureEntity) { CreatureEntity entityCreature = (CreatureEntity) entity; EntityCreatureAccessor.setHomePosition(entityCreature, entityCreature.getHomePosition().add(dist)); } } EntityHanging cannot be resolved to a type   public static List<ServerPlayerEntity> getPlayersWatchingChunk(World world, int chunkX, int chunkZ) { if (world.isRemote || !(world instanceof ServerWorld)) { return Collections.emptyList(); } ArrayList<ServerPlayerEntity> playersWatching = new ArrayList<>(); ServerWorld server = (ServerWorld) world; PlayerChunkMap playerManager = server.getPlayerChunkMap(); List<ServerPlayerEntity> mpplayers = server.getPlayers(); playersWatching.addAll(mpplayers.stream().filter(player -> playerManager.isPlayerWatchingChunk(player, chunkX, chunkZ)).collect(Collectors.toList())); return playersWatching; } PlayerChunkMap cannot be resolved to a type The method getPlayerChunkMap() is undefined for the type ServerWorld   public static Effect[] readNBTPotions(String id, CompoundNBT compound) { if (compound.contains(id)) { ListNBT nbtTagList = compound.getList(id, Constants.NBT.TAG_STRING); Effect[] potions = new Effect[nbtTagList.size()]; for (int i = 0; i < potions.length; i++) potions[i] = Effect.read(nbtTagList.getCompound(i)); return potions; } return null; } public static void writeNBTPotions(String id, Effect[] potions, CompoundNBT compound) { if (potions != null) { ListNBT nbtTagList = new ListNBT(); for (Effect p : potions) nbtTagList.add(p.write(new CompoundNBT())); compound.put(id, nbtTagList); } } The method read(CompoundNBT) is undefined for the type Effect The method write(CompoundNBT) is undefined for the type Effect   @Override public boolean removeEntity(Entity entity) { world.removeEntity(entity); return true; } The method removeEntity(Entity) is undefined for the type World   @Override public List<Entity> getEntities(AxisAlignedBB bounds, @Nullable Predicate<? super Entity> predicate) { return worldData.entities.stream() .filter(nbt -> { ListNBT pos = nbt.getList("Pos", 6); return bounds.contains(new Vec3d(pos.getDouble(0), pos.getDouble(1), pos.getDouble(2))); }) .map(nbt -> EntityType.create(nbt, IvTileEntityHelper.getAnyWorld())) .filter(predicate) .collect(Collectors.toList()); } Cannot infer type argument(s) for <R> map(Function<? super T,? extends R>)
    • Hello, my forge server keep crashing. Crash log:   I need help as soon as possible.
    • Why not use a tag for this instead of a config file?
    • trying to use a config file to load a list of item:ids from a config file defined using defineList. ["minecraft:apple", "minecraft:dried_kelp", "minecraft:melon_slice",[minecraft.apple] to be used by TemptGoal as one example. this.goalSelector.addGoal(4, new TemptGoal(this, 1.2D, false, TEMPTATION_ITEMS)); TempGoal uses (Ingredient temptItemsIn). Since Ingredient does not have a ".add" how do I turn the array, a array, well any array into something I can pull from a config and into a Ingredient. Hard coded would look something like this... Ingredient TEMPTATION_ITEMS = Ingredient.fromItems(Items.CARROT, Items.POTATO, Items.BEETROOT); Anyone got any ideas or can point me in the right direction and I hop this makes sense. I saw the fromStream but it goes over my head and I have yet to find a good example of the streams being used. Thanks.
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