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[1.2.5]CocoCraft[1.9.6][Now SMP!]


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Welcome to CocoCraft, a mod with alot of different stuff, Ores, Tools, Machinery and Mobs! there are a few  end-game items and alot of not end game items.


Currently Ingame:



- CocoStone, Mithril Ore, Silver Ore, Amethyst: they're all ores found underground, all except Amethyst drops the ore itself and can be smelted into Ingots, amethyst drops a gem.


- Tools and Armor: Tools and Armor are made with the Ingots and Gems you mine underground.

      [More Info Soon]


- Essence: Essence is also found underground, but I don't call it an ore, it is quite common and drops Wind Essence, this can be crafted into Fire, Earth and Water Essence.


- Cocoa Flower and Reed: These can be found all over the place, The Flower is used to create Cocoa Powder, the Reed drops Cocoa Beans!


- Magic Books: Magic books are, for now (spoilers) my favourite items in the game, They sort of have a magcal ability to change or, the World time to day or Night, Heal you or give you 40 experience! They are quite expensive and have limited uses on them.


- The Machinery: There are 5 machines, the Crusher, Compressor, Silver Furnace, Duplicator and soon the Alloynizer. these machines are quite expensive, but they're totally worth their price. the Crusher crushes ores into 2 dust, which you can smelt into Ingots.

The Compressor is used to compress Alloy, which is a new armor ingredient. The Silver Furnace is a furnace, but with 2 input slots, you can smelt 2 ores at the same time to double efficiency. This furnace is also used to make steel! Which I'll explain later. The Duplicator does exactly what it's called, duplicate stuff, but only one thing! It uses an Iron Block as fuel, and needs 1 Gold and diamond Block to function, these 3 items will be changed into 2 Diamond Blocks.


the Alloynizer, still in development, not in the mod yet. It has 5 input slots, a fuel slot and an output slot. You need to add the 5 items to make 2 Raw Alloy, which then has to be Compressed.


-Steel: Steel is made in the Silver Furnace with Coal Dust and an Iron Ingot, that will create Unworked steel, then you have to create a Hammer and place your unworked ingot and Hammer in your crafting, shapeless, and you get yourself a Steel ingot, it will return your hammer!


- The Mobs: There are 2 mobs added by CocoCraft, the Choco Cow and Choco Pig, they drop Choco Beef and Choco Pork, which can be smelted into Choco Steak and Cooked Choco Pork.


- DragonStone: DragonStone is a non-renewable resource, you get it by picking up the ender Egg, yes it is possible in vanilla, and putting it in a crafting recipe, you will get 11 Dragon Stone Shard, with these shard you can craft all tools, but you need Diamond sticks instead of regular sticks, and pick wisely, you have only 11 shards!







Ores And Blocks




Crusher, Compressor, Silver Furnace and Duplicator








Crusher GUI







All the tools




All the Armor NOTE: Back then there was an ID conflict between some armor, so there's no Mithril Armor here. Now there is!




The new implemented Shacks! They randomley generate





You can find alot of the recipes here:





By DamnIcholasGamingSubscribe!





















- Added Book Of Lightning, spawns lightning at the position you're looking at on right click. Has a 2.5 seconds cool down.

- Added SMP support!




- Chocolate.

- Ice Cream(?)


Known Bugs:


- Obsidian Multi Tool not functioning correctly.


- SMP Machines don't work, so don't bother crafting them.

- Magic books don't work, so don't other crafting them, it's a waste of resources.





How To Install:




Locate your .minecraft . then open up your minecraft.jar located at /.minecraft/bin/minecrat.jar. And install ModLoader. and delete the META-INF. then Install the latest reccomended build of Minecraft Forge, also in the minecraft.jar . Then check if your minecraft still works, if not, try again. now you will have a folder called mods, put the downloaded .zip file in there, and you're good to go!




Install Forge in your minecraft_server.jar, don't delete the META-INF!!!!!! Then Run your server so it create s all the folders, then stop the server. Add the CocoCraftSmpV***.zip in the mods folder and you are done!



NOTE: You will need Minecraft forge version or higher! And you won't need ModLoader anymore!




This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), by the terms ofhttp://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp is sole property of the Mod author (, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net, yowazzupmodding.webs.com. It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission







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