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    • Hello, I am asking for help because I can't just do it by myself anymore. The problem is everytime I look at my house in minecraft It lags like hell. with SEUS Renewed shaders I get like 60-70fps most of the time but when I start looking at my home it drops to 15fps.  I was looking everywhere on the internet but no one had the same problem as I. What I could figure is that: -Entities are not a problem, there is very little of them (and there is a cave under the house but It doesn't lag when I'm not looking in the direction of my house) -Shaders aren't a problem as well, tried switching to different one and completely turning them off, the problem still exists. -Light sources (lanterns etc.) aren't a problem as well, removed every one of them and still lags. Also: -I am running custom made modpack (97mods) -I am playing on my own server (seperate computer) with my friends -I also noticed that weird MB/s indicator (pops up with alt + f3) goes from about 100MB/s in a normal are, to 2000MB/s when I turn to my house then very quickly drops to 500-600MB/s and stays there while lagging as hell. I tried to upload screenshots but I get -200 error on the website idk why. Thanks in advance Have a great day  
    • DO NOT do this. Just register your item with the same name.
    • Post the debug.log. You can use https://gist.github.com/ for large text files.
    • Are you still having the same issue? Because this log shows something completely different. In fact it does not seem to be complete.
    • How @ObjectHolder can help in this situation? As far as I know @ObjectHolder just gives reference of the object after objects registration, so it cannot be used to replace vanilla objects, or am I misunderstanding something?   Anyway, I figured out how to do it using Java reflection, in this example I replaced wooden sword with custom item that extends SwordItem: boolean isRegistered = false; @SubscribeEvent public void onItemReg(RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event){ System.out.println("Entering item registry event"); if(!isRegistered){ try{ Field field = Items.class.getField("WOODEN_SWORD"); field.setAccessible(true); Method method = Items.class.getDeclaredMethod("register", String.class, Item.class); method.setAccessible(true); Item itemToInsert = (Item)method.invoke(Items.class, "wooden_sword", custom_wooden_sword); System.out.println("Item to insert: " + itemToInsert.toString()); System.out.println("Field: " + field.getName()); Field modifiersField = Field.class.getDeclaredField("modifiers"); modifiersField.setAccessible(true); modifiersField.setInt(field, field.getModifiers() & ~Modifier.FINAL); field.set(null, itemToInsert); isRegistered = true; }catch(Throwable e){ System.out.println("ERROR while reflecting Items.java field: " + e); } } ATTENTION, I do not know how dangerous this method is and how it can negatively affect the operation of the game, but thanks to it I was able to completely replace the standard sword with a custom one and the game did not crash. I think somehow this can be done using standard forge solutions, but no matter how much I searched, I did not find any specific solutions, but this does not change the feeling that if someone experienced saw my code, he would have had a heart attack... (also dont beat me for this boolean, did it on a fast hand)
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