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    • A fourth dimensional concept is problematic for many reasons. You would almost need to rip out all physics handled by minecraft to write a custom engine that can handle all the data properly. Graphics-wise, yes, the computations would be the same in regular world movement. However, transition spaces would cause a terrible amount of lag as chunks would be loaded and unloaded and drawn every time you move along this axis. This is not even to discount the fact that Draco is completely right on the math there. In three dimensional space, all you have to is load a circle of the required information. Four dimensional space requires a sphere to be loaded at all times which is a dramatic increase.   For reference, there is no nth-dimensional tool out there for rendering or physics. Closest that's been achieved is through 4d Toys, and that barely meets that requirement. It would take an expert in either field upwards of about 10 years to get a semi-efficient concept working well with current day technology. A non-euclidean environment in minecraft would take less time and work much more efficiently and that requires a good amount of work too.   You can attempt to make one, but you're better off writing an entirely new game instead.
    • They still exist. No idea what you are referring to.
    • I wanted to update a little mod that I made. In 1.16.2 all classes are present, but in 1.16.3 seems that some classes are missing, like the most part of the event bus. Could it be a mistake by me that classes like IEventBus and SubscribeEvent aren't present? Or is the MDK incomplete? I would like to get an answer so I can update my mod, thanks!
    • Here's my dumb rotation diagram idea: I don't know how long this thing will take me and I don't even think I'll finish it. If it requires a good PC, then that's fine because the mod is just for me and my friends anyways. I'll just do some research on displaying a value on the F3 screen
    • It too me a year to make a standard mod that did things that Minecraft and Forge already supported. You're doing something that requires completely rewriting whole swaths of the codebase to do something it doesn't already do.   No. No it will not. Minecraft's world generation system is not in any way set up to handle 4D terrain in a sensible manner. Yes it is "just cubes" but no, there is not some "easy to write" code that will do what you want. And you're going to need to write that code yourself.
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